'Supernatural' Recap: Two Deans Are Better Than One (Page 1/4)
'Supernatural' Recap: Two Deans Are Better Than One (Page 1/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
THEN: Supernatural split up the Winchesters.  Sam got a job as a bartender before finding out that he is Lucifer's perfect vessel.  Dean and Cas learned about prostitutes with daddy issues, the possibility that God is dead, and the theory that Lucifer brought Cas back to life.

NOW: It's time to go back.  Back...to the future!  But before we do, it might be helpful to check out this little refresher course on Croatoan, a demonic virus first shown waaaaaaaay back in season 2.

But before we get to the future, Dean has to handle some late night phone calls.  The first is from Cas, who wants to go on their next mission.  He's apparently given up on finding God, because now he's heard that the Colt is still around.  Awesome, please bring back the Colt!  But before they go, Dean just wants some time to rest, so he has Cas wait for him on the side of the road, literally.

The second call is from Sam, who wants to talk about the whole "I'm Lucifer's vessel" thing.  Sam is freaked out, but Dean's heard so much crazy crap in the past few years that he needs a lot more than that to be shocked.  He still thinks Sam coming back is a bad idea, because the two of them are weaker as a pair because the demons can always play their love for each other against them.

Dean finally falls asleep, but wakes up in a dilapidated room and goes outside to see a post-apocalyptic war zone.  The whole town is deserted, but he finds a little girl who tries to stab and kill him.  Then Dean sees the sign: "Croatoan."  Oh great, he thinks, it's a zombie movie.

Even worse is another sign saying the year is 2014.  Dean can't catch a break, because a bunch of Croats chase him down a dead end.  Luckily he's saved by the good old U.S. military, who storm in with a tank and start shooting up zombies like it's a video game.  God bless the total bad-assery of the U.S. military.

Dean hot wires a car to visit Bobby, but instead he gets Zachariah showing up in the passenger's seat.  Of course, this is all another Zach mind trip to teach Dean a valuable lesson.  But this world is even scarier than one in which Dean drinks fruit smoothies.  In this future, President Sarah Palin is dropping bombs on Houston.  I don't really care about Houston, but President Palin?  Damn it Dean, I order you to do everything Zachariah says, which is to let Michael use your body.

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