'Supernatural' Recap: Hotel of the Gods (Page 1/2)
'Supernatural' Recap: Hotel of the Gods (Page 1/2)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For the first time this season on Supernatural, there's hope.  Dean killed Zachariah, and even though Cas and Adam are MIA, the Winchesters are more devoted than ever to each other and stopping the Apocalypse.

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The good news is that Sam and Dean actually get a plan to stop Lucifer without resorting to saying "Yes" to Michael.  The bad news is that it comes after a whole lot of characters are killed off, including one that will be sorely missed.

Sam and Dean find a hotel in a torrential downpour, only it's a lot nicer than the ones they normally stay at.  It even has the best pie in the tri-state area.  You had Dean at "pie."

Dean loves it, but Sam wants to focus on finding a new way to stop Lucifer.  He eventually gets his way when the newlywed couple next door suddenly goes missing.  The hotel is very eerie, with severed arms in the kitchen, eyes in the soup, vanishing bellmen and an elephant in a towel.

The boys are eventually captured by the bad guys, only they're all gods who are tired of the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse trying to steal their thunder.  So in the Supernatural universe, all religions are real.  We meet a lot of people, so let's take a god roll call:

Mercury: The bellman is the very fast Roman messenger god

Kali: The destroyer, a powerful Hindu goddess

Ganesh: A Hindu god often depicted as an elephant

Baldur: The Norse god of light

Odin: The head of the Norse gods and Baldur's father

Zao Jun: The Chinese kitchen god

Baron Samedi: A spirit of the dead in Haitian voodoo

There are others too.  They plan to kill Sam and Dean, but just then, Loki arrives, the Norse trickster god, otherwise known as Gabriel the archangel.  He doesn't want Sam and Dean to reveal his secret identity so he zaps them away and follows them later.  He's there to save them because he knows that Lucifer would mop the floor with all of these gods.

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Unfortunately Kali has Sam and Dean's blood and tied them to the hotel with a spell, so he plans to break it by seducing her.  The only problem is that she knows who he is and takes some of his blood to tie him to her as well.  While she gets him, Sam and Dean get captured trying to save the innocent people trapped in the kitchen.

Then the episode gets hijacked by the Ghostfacers!  They run a fairly hilarious ad for their new web series on CWTV.com.  The highlight comes from the final tagline: "If you're dead, you'd better stay dead.  Or we're gonna kill you."  Sorry haters, but I love the Ghostfacers.
When we come back, Sam, Dean and Gabriel are all captured in the ballroom.  Kali complains about Western arrogance and how the angels think they're religion and their Apocalypse is so important.  To strike back, she takes Gabriel's angel-killing dagger and stabs him.


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