'Supernatural' Recap: How to Raise a Baby Monster
'Supernatural' Recap: How to Raise a Baby Monster
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Is there anything funnier than the thought of Sam and Dean raising a baby? The second episode of Supernatural's sixth season reveals that the answer is "No."

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Dean offers great parenting tips like singing classic rock or giving your baby some liquor. But you should be warned that if you do either of these things, your baby may spontaneously turn black.

This episode of Supernatural, "Two and a Half Men," features shapeshifters, babyshifters, kingshifters and more clues about the big mystery of season 6.

Sam and Dean spend the episode taking care of a baby that's actually half shapeshifter. The babyshifter is awesome, as are Dean's parenting skills, but they also attract a big, bad guest: the King Shifter. Since season 6 is all about exploring the origins of monsters, we learn that there's an Alpha, the first shapeshifter ever who doesn't need to shed skin to change and who spawned all other shifters.

The kingshifter does his job, which involves killing Mark, the silent Campbell hunter. Far more interesting is the fact that Samuel gets on the phone with someone explaining how they weren't able to capture the kingshifter.

So Samuel has a boss, and this boss may or may not have something to do with how Sam and Samuel came back to life. I'm loving the big story of this season and I give all the credit to new showrunner Sera Gamble, who clearly came up with a plan.

The other big event of the episode was Lisa being the world's greatest woman, absolving Dean of all responsibility and letting him take the Impala and go hunting with Sam. If that's not enough, she also promised to stay there for him and told him to come back whenever he could.

Lisa is the most understanding woman in the history of mankind. Or she's up to something. I highly doubt it, but part of me is starting to suspect that she's connected the Sam and Samuel's resurrections and may have been the person on the other end of the phone talking to Samuel.

But that's just my first random theory. Let me know if you have a better guess about who was on the phone.

Next week on Supernatural: Cas is back and Sam does shirtless pull-ups. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to pick which one is more exciting.

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