'Supernatural' Recap: How Far Will Cas Go to Save the World?
'Supernatural' Recap: How Far Will Cas Go to Save the World?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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War is hell, and that's certainly true for Supernatural season 13 as Michael and his army from Apocalypse World is plotting to invade the real world. What are you willing to do to stop the war and how far will you go to save the people you love?

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That's a key question for both Cas and Jack in this episode as the nephilim and his surrogate father, in two different universes, are forced to make some difficult decisions. This leads to a new mission and alliance in Apocalypse World and a tragic sacrifice in the real world. And as an added bonus, we find out the origin story of Apocalypse World and the one moment that changed everything.

Jack and Mary in Apocalypse World

In Apocalypse World, Michael tries to use his right-hand man Zachariah to trick Jack into opening a portal so they can march their army through and conquer the real world. Zachariah fails because Jack sees through his mental tricks, so Michael throws him into a cell with Mary.

At first she's surprised that the baby she helped deliver six months is now all grown up, but they quickly bond and plot an escape because Mary knows that Michael will threaten to kill her to force Jack into opening the portal. They escape and quickly run into Bobby, who recognizes Mary Campbell and takes them back to his human refugee camp.

Bobby offers an origin story for Apocalypse World. In this universe, Mary never made her deal with Azazel to save John's life, so he died and her sons were never born. As a result, Sam and Dean weren't around to stop Lucifer, hence the Apocalypse.

Jack and Bobby

When Bobby learns that Jack is a nephilim, he wants them to go because humans and angels don't exactly have a good relationship in this world. The next morning the angels attack the camp and Zachariah is about to kill Mary, but Jack steps in and uses his powers to kill him. He then kills a bunch of other angels and Bobby is definitely having a change of heart when it comes to this kid.

In the aftermath, Jack realizes that he's need to do whatever he can to save these humans because that's what Sam and Dean would do. So before going back to the real world, he needs to kill Michael.

Donatello Goes Crazy

At the Bunker, Donatello translates the Demon Tablet and has the spell to open a portal to Apocalypse World so the Winchesters can rescue Jack and Mary. Donatello sends Cas and Dean to find the last ingredients, the hearts of Gog and Magog, a pair of Biblical brothers who look like barbarians in loincloths.

Dean and Cas fight and kill them, but learn that they are primitive beings made of sand and rock (apparently that's a thing), which means they don't have hearts.

Obviously Donatello double-crossed them, a fact confirmed when he attacks Sam in the Bunker. But he's obviously no match for Sam, who locks him up. When Dean and Cas return, we find out that it's not Asmodeus behind Donatello's madness. Instead, the fact that he has no soul means reading the Demon Tablet corrupted him.

Does Cas Cross the Line?

Cas uses his powers to take the spell out of Donatello's mind, an act that leaves Donatello brain dead. Sam and Dean are upset with Castiel's decision, but Cas insists that a war is coming and he will do whatever it takes to stop Michael and Lucifer, even if that means sacrificing Donatello (who he now knows was working with Asmodeus, kind of making that entire plotline moot).

Sam and Dean may not like Castiel's methods, but at least he has the real spell to open a portal. In addition to Archangel Grace, they need the Seal of Solomon (a ring that allows you to control demons), a Fruit from the Tree of Life and the Blood of a Most Holy Man. Fun, we have a scavenger hunt that's probably going to take a couple of episodes until the finale.

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Did Cas cross the line or did he just do what was necessary?

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