'Supernatural' Recap: Do Sam and Dean Get a Spell to Find Jack?
'Supernatural' Recap: Do Sam and Dean Get a Spell to Find Jack?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has been pretty good with moving the plot forward in every episode of season 13. From working with Jack to Castiel's return to the adventures in Apocalypse World with evil Michael, a lot has been going on. So it's puzzling and a bit frustrating to get a filler episode where absolutely nothing happens.

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The basic plot of "The Scorpion and the Frog," involving a heist, seems inspired by the summer film Baby Driver. There's a big boss who assembles a team to pull off a heist, with one team member forced into indentured servitude (in this episode, Baby is replaced with Smash). Sadly, the episode doesn't take much else from the film, even though some cool car chases or even some hip choreography with movements and action set to music would've been appreciated.

A Deal with a Demon

Barthamus, the new King of the Crossroads Demons, gets his hands on a nephilim tracking spell to find Jack. Instead of giving it to Asmodeus, he calls up Dean to make a deal. Bart is planning a heist to steal a mysterious trunk in the vault of a crazy evil human named Luther Shrike who collects supernatural objects. He needs Dean because the only way to open the vault is with the blood of a man who's been to Hell and back, which also describes Luther.

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Sam and Dean agree to the heist, teaming up with a weird safe-cracking chick named Smash (who clearly has a crush on Dean) and a demon named Grab. The Winchesters believe that after they get the spell to track Jack, they'll just kill Bart.

The Heist

Sam is the distraction, pretending to sell Luther Ruby's demon-killing knife. But it goes wrong very quickly because Luther knows that Bart sent him, and it turns out Luther is immortal while he's on his property.

Dean teams up with Smash and Grab to find the vault, but it's filled with an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-style booby trap. Luther shows up, killing Grab the demon. Smash runs away, but Sam and Dean are able to knock out Luther.

They use Luther to disable the bobby traps and Smash returns after talking to Bart, who she made a deal with and now the only way he won't take her soul is if she does what he says. They succeed in getting the trunk and the heist is complete.

What's in the Trunk?

In a classic switcheroo, it seems Luther isn't the bad guy, Bart is. Luther made a deal with him to save his son (who died anyway), but negotiated way out of Hell because inside the trunk are Bart's bones, which can be burned to kill him. As soon as Sam and Dean learn the truth, Bart shows up and kills Luther since e's no longer on his property.

There's a brief standoff where Bart threatens to kill Smash, but it ends when she burns the bones and kills Bart. Unfortunately, he was holding the second half of the tracking spell and it burns up.

And that's it. Sam and Dean are back to square one, three of the four new characters introduced in this episode are dead and Smash, whose real name is Alice, gets on a bus. It almost feels like they're setting up Alice as a potential recurring character, but she was underwritten and not very interesting. She's no Charlie, that's for damn sure.

Do you want to see Alice, the weird safe-cracker with an obvious crush on Dean, come back?

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