'Supernatural' Recap: Dean Meets the New Death
'Supernatural' Recap: Dean Meets the New Death
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Dean is in a funk on Supernatural. Ever since Cas and Mary died (or so he believes), Dean has lost all faith in himself. Luckily things are starting to change for the better in this episode.

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First Dean meets an old friend with a new job, and the result is a very cool expansion of the show's mythology as we learn a little bit more about Death and the Reapers. Then Dean gets a call from another old friend and hopefully he can focus on the task at hand. Because apparently there's some cosmic, multiverse work for Sam and Dean to do.

Sam and Dean vs. Dr. Drill

Sam finds a case and decides to investigate with Dean, just the two of them. After Dean's confession that he doesn't believe in anything, Sam is trying to cheer up his brother with beer, chili fries and strip clubs. But Dean doesn't need Sam's help to power through it by getting drunk, eating his feelings and sleeping with random women. That's probably not the healthiest way to handle grief and an existential crisis, but it's what Dean does.

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The case involves the ghost of a demented doctor who used a drill to perform lobotomies. They find him and kill the ghost, but the house is filled with the ghosts of his patients. They don't know where the bodies are buried, so Dean's brilliant solution is to temporarily kill himself so he can cross over into the Veil and find out where they are, then have Sam bring him back to life.

Dean and the New Death

Dean successfully kills himself and a Reaper named Jessica tries to greet him, but he's focused on finding the bodies. Jessica runs back to Reaper HQ because Dean Winchester crossing over into the Veil is a code red for them.

Dean finds out where the bodies are, but Sam isn't able to bring him back. That's when Billie the Reaper shows up, even though Castiel killed her last year. It turns out she got a promotion and now Billie is the new Death. After Dean killed Death, the rules of the universe state that the next Reaper to die takes over the role, so now Billie is in charge of the afterlife. This is all some insanely cool new mythology and a great way to increase Billie's role.

Billie now has a greater understanding of the universe, but she's concerned about recent tears in the fabric of reality. She makes a deal with Dean to release the patients from being ghosts and in exchange he tells her about Lucifer's son creating an inter-dimensional rift.

Dean thinks he's dead for real, but Billie explains that she now understands that the Winchesters are important on a cosmic scale and still have work to do.

In the aftermath, Dean tells Sam about Billie's new job and how they still have work to do, but he's still feeling lost and depressed because Mary and Cas are dead. He just needs a win. On the ride back to the Bunker, Dean gets that win because Cas calls him and the Winchesters reconnect with their angel pal.

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