'Supernatural' Recap: Crowley's Blacklist and the Return of Abaddon
'Supernatural' Recap: Crowley's Blacklist and the Return of Abaddon
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural dealt with the falling angels and Sam's near-death crisis in the season 9 premiere, but now it's time to get to the actual momentum of the season. Abaddon, the ruthless Knight of Hell with a desire to take over from Crowley, is back and causing serious problems for Sam and Dean.

This episode also sets up Crowley's role for the season, and if you're watching NBC's The Blacklist, then all I need to say is that Crowley is James Spader. Seriously, there's even a list of names.

Zero Dark Crowley

Dean comes up with a plan to torture the crap out of Crowley to get the details on all of his demons topside so they can hunt them down. The fact that we also see demons trading meat suits in this episode makes me question this decision, since Crowley's info won't be as helpful as Dean thinks it will be. This seems like a pretty large plot hole, but since the alternative is actually killing Crowley, I'm OK with it. I'd hate to see Supernatural lose Mark Sheppard.

They bring him back to the Men of Letters HQ where Kevin has been locked inside since the angels fell. He's not so happy about Crowley being alive, but Kevin has learned to accept his role as a supporting player. He even uses his hacking skills to blackmail an Army sergeant.

Once the Winchesters leave, Kevin gets taunted into facing Crowley. The King of Hell claims that Kevin's mom isn't actually dead (we never saw the body), and this only inspires Kevin to torture Crowley more.

The Reign of Abaddon

Despite having her meat suit burned to a crisp in the season 8 finale, a demon does a little blood spell and Abaddon's body is back and she's ready to take over Hell. She assembles a few demons to give a rousing speech about how she's sick and tired of making deals, she wants to rule with an iron fist and expects to be greeted as a liberator in Hell.

Her first mission is to get her demons new meat suits, so they hijack a bus with military soldiers to be her army. She also kidnaps and tortures a few Hunters in order to lure out Sam and Dean.

It's a Trap!

Sam and Dean head straight into Abaddon's trap to save two Hunters, Irv and Tracy, because that's just the kind of guys they are. Irv is a grizzled old friend, but Tracy is new to the game ever since her family was killed by a demon celebrating Lucifer being freed from his cage back from season 5. Needless to say, Tracy isn't Sam's biggest fan, making her the first girl in history who DOESN'T want him to touch her.

Is it possible Tracy is the character who is going to get the spin-off? I know they said the new character won't be introduced until later, but she got far more backstory than guest stars usually get.

They start trading fire with the demon soldiers who are armed with assault rifles and bulletproof vests. That doesn't seem very fair. Irv gets shot and killed after he admits to being the one who sold out the Winchesters to Abaddon. Tracy runs back to the Impala to reload on ammo.

Dean comes face-to-face with Abaddon and they have a wonderfully sexy and horrifying exchange where she threatens to slice off his anti-possession tattoo, take over his body and do unspeakable things with it if he doesn't give up Crowley. I know it will never happen, but I love their chemistry.

Elsewhere, Sam gets his ass kicked by three demon soldiers, but when he gets knocked unconscious, Ezekiel takes over. Samzekiel's angel wings spread and he obliterates the demon soldiers in one move. Ezekiel is literally Sam's guardian angel.

Dean and Zeke

Abaddon sees the angel explosion and runs away. Dean finds Samzekiel (who he's decided to call Zeke, but I'm sticking with my name). They have a heart-to-heart about doing what's right, and I'm reminded of how great an actor Jared Padalecki. This angel possession storyline is a huge gift to him and he's killing it. He truly has created a distinct and completely different character.

Once Sam returns and Zeke goes back his dormant state, Tracy drives up in the Impala. She has to be the spin-off character, right? Because there's no way in hell some random new guest star gets to drive the freaking Impala!

Things Are Good

The boys return to the Men of Letters HQ where Crowley has agreed to give up the names of two demons on his list. This is where it turns into The Blacklist, though Crowley throws in a dash of Silence of the Lambs to keep it interesting. Is Crowley really giving up the names because he enjoys taunting Kevin? Has his humanity taken over more than he lets on? Just like James Spader on the NBC show, I'm sure there's a bigger mystery about why Crowley is so willing to give up the names on his blacklist.

Kevin wants to leave, but Dean gives him a pep talk about how he's part of the Winchester family, which is all he really wants.

The final scene provides great exposition for where we're at with season 9. Cas is human, Crowley is in the basement, Abaddon is on the loose and angels are all over the place. But despite all of this, Sam tells Dean he's feeling fine. Better than fine, he's good, for the first time in a long time. And only on Supernatural could a character being in a good mood come across as something that is most definitely NOT good.

Next week on Supernatural: It's back to Cas and his newfound humanity, complete with kissing!

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