'Supernatural' Recap: An Angel Killer from Castiel's Past
'Supernatural' Recap: An Angel Killer from Castiel's Past
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural has never really explored what Castiel did prior to taking over Jimmy Novak's body and saving Dean from Hell. This week we get to see a whole new side of Cas (a lady side) as angels and humans from his past come back, putting him in danger.

"Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets" also introduces a new bad-ass, one-eyed angel killer who will hopefully be back for more episodes down the road. Supernatural can always use more ass-kicking female characters.

The Death of an Angel

An angel named Benjamin (in the vessel of a woman) gets confronted at an arcade by a bad-ass woman. You can tell she's a bad-ass because she has an eye patch. This woman, the titular Lily Sunder, is immune to angel powers and she's out for vengeance. She kills Benjamin, but not before he uses angel radio to ask his old friends for help.

Benjamin was a part of Castiel's old angel battalion who are now being picked off by Lily. Sam and Dean come along for the ride as Cas meets his former angel pals who aren't very happy with him after he left them and also closed Heaven. Lily finds them and kills another angel, but Sam and Dean help Cas and his former leader, Ishim, escape.

The Angel Mission of 1901

In a flashback, we learn that Cas (who used to have a woman as his vessel) was a part of s mission sent to Earth. An angel married a woman and had a daughter, a half-angel, half-human nephilim just like the one Lucifer conceived with Kelly Kline. Nephilims are not supposed to exist, so Ishim killed the angel father and the daughter, but left the mother alive. That woman is Lily Sunder.

At least that's Ishim's version of the story. When Sam and Dean confront Lily, she reveals the truth. Ishim was just her jealous psycho ex-boyfriend and her daughter was human. He made up the nephilim story as an excuse to make her suffer for dumping him for a different angel. She used her angel knowledge to stay alive for years, waiting for her chance to get revenge (which came after the angels fell from Heaven and lost their wings). However, she loses a piece of her soul every time she uses angel magic.

Lily vs. Ishim

Dean goes back to warn Cas about the truth, but Ishim knocks him out and attacks Cas. Sam and Lily arrive so Lily can use more angel magic to fight Ishim. He's about to kill her, but Cas pops up behind him and stabs him with the angel blade, killing Ishim. Man, that is Castiel's go-to move these days, because it's the same way he killed Billie.

Lily decides to let Cas live, for now, but I hope she comes back as yet another one of Supernatural's awesome recurring characters. Back at the Bunker, Dean forgives Cas for killing Billie, even though he's still concerned about the "cosmic consequences" of his action. And this little adventure has also made Cas question whether or not he should kill Kelly Kline and Lucifer Jr., even though that baby is an extremely dangerous nephilim.

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