'Supernatural' Recap: Can Lucifer Break Free from Crowley?
'Supernatural' Recap: Can Lucifer Break Free from Crowley?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Winchesters are dealing with several battles this season on Supernatural. While last week's episode was all about the British Men of Letters, this week brings the story back to Lucifer and his baby mama, Kelly Kline. Sam, Dean and Crowley are busy with a hellhound, but Cas is hot on Kelly Kline's trail while Lucifer is plotting his next move.

Best of all, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" features a fantastic shout-out to The Walking Dead, specifically the character played by Papa Winchester himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Sam and Dean vs. the Hellhound

A couple is camping in the woods and gets attacked by a hellhound, killing the man. Sam and Dean get the case after a long series of wins using a particularly hilarious weapon. It seems Dean used a tool his dad was fond of, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. It's an obvious in-joke because Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester, now plays Negan on The Walking Dead, whose weapon of choice is a barbed-wire bat named Lucille.

Sam and Dean find the woman, Gwen, who is still being hunted by the hellhound even though she never made a deal with a demon. The brothers call Crowley who tells them this hellhound is Ramsey, the oldest one who is only loyal to Lucifer and broke free.

Sam keeps Gwen safe while Dean and Crowley go out to hunt and kill Ramsey. They don't get their chance because the hellhound attacks the Impala, so Sam gets out and kills it.

Dean isn't happy that his Baby was damaged, but then Sam doubles down by telling him that all of the cases they've worked for the past two weeks came from the British Men of Letters. Dean actually agrees to work with them for now (after all, he just worked a case with the King of Hell), but he adds that they will stop the minute something doesn't feel right. Something tells me that moment will come before the season ends.

Lucifer Breaks Free, Sort Of

Crowley's demon henchmen find Lucifer, locked up. They released the hellhound on purpose to distract Crowley so they could set Lucifer free because they prefer him. But as soon as they unlock Lucifer's chains, he kills the two demons because he can't afford to leave witnesses behind.

When Crowley returns from his hellhound adventure, he finds Lucifer on his throne. Lucifer is about to kill him, but Crowley snaps his fingers and subdues Lucifer. It seems the Mark Pellegrino vessel has been warded with spells on every molecule, giving Crowley total control over his body. And now Crowley is going to find Kelly Kline and kill her baby in front of Lucifer, which is only the beginning of his punishments.

Cas Searches for Kelly Kline

Cas gets a lead on Kelly Kline, Lucifer's baby mama, learning that she's with Dagon, the Princess of Hell. He teams up with another angel, Kelvin, who makes him an offer. If Cas helps find and kill Kelly, he will be allowed to return to Heaven and be with his family. To make the deal official, Kelvin decides to take Cas back up to Heaven. This definitely feels like a trap.

Supernatural is going on a brief hiatus, but new episodes will return Thursday, March 30 at 8/7c on the CW.

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