'Supernatural' Recap: A Happy Family Reunion
'Supernatural' Recap: A Happy Family Reunion
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural likes to give the dead characters happy endings, even if their deaths are grisly. Just go back to the end of season 2, when Ghost John Winchester saved the day, or how Ghost Bobby got an express pass to Heaven. In this episode, Kevin gets that same treatment when his ghost shows up and asks Sam and Dean to find his mom.

Elsewhere, Cas meets up with Bartholomew and, in the process, becomes the leader his people need.

Kevin the Friendly Ghost

The Men of Letters bunker is haunted, and Sam and Dean quickly figure out that, despite burning his body, it has to be Kevin's ghost. Dean offers a tearful apology for his death and then Ghost Kevin appears. Aww, I missed him.

Ghost Kevin tells the brothers that, since Heaven is closed, all dead souls are just hanging out in the Veil between life and death. It took him a while to figure it out, but he spoke to another ghost in Kansas who saw Mrs. Tran a week ago. Apparently Crowley was just messing with Kevin's head when he said he killed Kevin's mom, so Kevin wants Sam and Dean to find her.


The boys head to Kansas and have a chat with Kevin's ghost pal, Candy. She and a bunch of others (including Kevin's mom) were being held captive in a series of storage lockers by two men, one of whom was Crowley. But Crowley stopped coming and Candy tried to escape, but was killed in the process.

They find the storage units and split up. Sam finds Kevin's mom, but gets trapped. And Dean gets knocked out by the evil hipster who works for the storage company. That's just really embarrassing for Dean, getting taken out by such a pathetic nerd.

Sam and Mrs. Tran escape, but she keeps talking about wanting to see her son. Sam stops her, takes her hand and starts to tell her what happened, but she stops him. She figures it out, but doesn't want to hear it.

Dean gets taunted by Del, the nerdy demon who was serving as Crowley's intern and got upset when Crowley abandoned him in this lousy job. He whines and whines, and just when he's about to kill Dean, Sam shows up and knocks him out with a single punch. Since Dean is usually the one saving Sam from near-death, I like this reversal.

The real victory, however, goes to Mrs. Tran, who gets the privilege of killing her demon captor before demanding to be taken to her son.

Get Over It

The brothers bring Mrs. Tran back to the bunker and she reunites with her ghost son. She's going to take him (his ghost is tied to his dad's ring) and it's a really sweet reunion for mother and son, despite the fact that Kevin is a ghost.

Before leaving, Kevin gives some advice to Sam and Dean: "Get over it." He's overheard their fighting and drama, and he thinks it's stupid. At this point, Kevin is a mouthpiece for all of us fans who think Sam and Dean need to suck it up and be brothers again.

Sam agrees, but as soon as Kevin and his mom leave, Sam runs away to his room and shuts the door. Dean goes to his room and turns on his music. Ugh, they're acting like such obnoxious teenagers right now. I know it probably won't happen, but I'm starting to think the only way to fix this is for Ghost Dad, aka Papa Winchester, to show up and get them to stop being such brats.

Angel Politics

Cas is on his quest for Metatron and finds yet another faction of angels, the Penitents who just want to live as humans but who are getting killed off. That's in addition to the warring angel gangs of Bartholomew and Malachi.

Bart captures Cas and brings him back to Buddy Boyle's ministry HQ, which has been completely taken over by Bart's angels. He offers Cas an alliance, suggesting that they work together to find Metatron and defeat Malachi.

Cas isn't into this angel-on-angel violence and refuses to be a part of Bart's plan. Bart then engages in a fight to the death, but Cas gets the upper hand. However, Cas refuses to kill him and walks away. Bart pulls the classic double cross and tries to kill Cas when he walks away, but Cas quickly reverses the attack and kills Bart.

With Bart dead, Cas tries to leave, once again choosing to take on Metatron by himself. But Bart's many, many followers all respected Castiel's decision and now want to follow him. Basically, Cas becomes Angel Jesus.

Next week on Supernatural: The Ghostfacers return in an episode all about Twitter and selfies. #Awesome!

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