Supernatural: Preview of Episode 5.13 "The Song Remains the Same"
Supernatural: Preview of Episode 5.13 "The Song Remains the Same"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Now that the body switching drama is over, we can now move on to bigger and more important things on Supernatural such as the apocalypse. The show may have sidelined from its major arc from time to time but tonight's episode puts everything back on track as the angels make their move.

First of all, let me just clarify that episode 13 has now been named "The Song Remains the Same," which I think is a better title compared to "Back to the Future II." Not only is it a clever way to describe (or hint) what goes down in tonight's installment, but it's also  a nice reference to the soundtrack live album of my favorite band of all time, Led Zeppelin.

In attempt to do some damage control, the angels send Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) back in time to kill John (guest star Matthew Cohen) and Mary (guest star Amy Gumenick) Winchester before they can conceive Sam. This makes sense since Lucifer won't be able to use Sam as his vessel if Sam was never born.

But of course Castiel won't allow that to happen. He sends Sam and Dean back to the year 1978 in attempt to stop Anna from murdering their parents, and in doing so, the Winchester brothers are finally reunited with their parents. The only problem is Mary seems to recognize Dean as a hunter since he visited her in the past once (specifically in the episode "In the Beginning") and tries to keep the truth from her husband John.

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