'Supernatural' Recap: 'Heart''
'Supernatural' Recap: 'Heart''
Being a big fan of classic horror movies I was extremely excited for this week's Supernatural because it was, ta da, a werewolf story.  This is especially of interest to me because I’ve been a little disenchanted by all the cgi wolf movies that have come out lately.  I just knew that Supernatural would get it right, and I was not disappointed.  In addition to the awesome wolf action though, this Supernatural also kicked it up a notch dramatically, which was an extra added bonus.

The episode, titled ‘Heart’, is about a werewolf, in case you didn’t notice by my previous raving. In this case the werewolf is a chick named Madison played by the ultra babe-o-licious Emmanuelle Vaugier.  Madison is the secretary of a lawyer who is killed by a werewolf, when the boys come to investigate Sam takes a shine to her and offers to ‘protect’ her.  Of course this winds up revealing that she is the wolf.

Of course, with their magnificent knowledge of all things evil, the boys have a plan to release her from her hairy fate.  It’s a little contrived, I know, but basically find the wolf that bit her and do it in. 

Sam is really starting to fall for her, which is an interesting twist in itself given his history with women.  And that history is going to be relevant later on.

Naturally, just when you think that it is mission accomplished, things go south.  Turns out Madison isn’t cured of the curse afterall.  Plan A down the tubes, they must face their final alternative.  A stake through the heart. OH!  That’s where the title comes from, fancy.

Remember when I said Sam’s past with women will come into play?  Madison knows what has to be done and she is accepting of her fate, and she decided she wants Sam to take care of the nasty business.  Doesn’t she know Sam is already on the fast track to Xanaxville after his previous experiences with the wim folk? 

Needless to say, as usual, Sam does what he must to do battle the forces of darkness.  It’s a sad scene, and the best part of it is you really feel the ambiguity of it all, Madison is innocent, it is her inner beast that must be killed, but the only way to do that is through her heart.  As usual, quality writing and excellent performances really make that last punch a good one. 

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
- Image Courtesy TheCW