'Supernatural' Fans Predict the Next Ruler of Hell
'Supernatural' Fans Predict the Next Ruler of Hell
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The "death" of Crowley, the demon who claimed to be the king of hell, has left Supernatural fans with tons of questions surrounding hell, primarily concerning its next ruler. While there are no clues yet as to what will happen next, I'm guessing that Crowley's successor will be just as powerful (which means he will also have the ability to bring dead people back just like he did to Sam and Samuel) or maybe even more. To get the ball rolling, we asked our BuddyTV readers and Facebook fans who they think will be the next leader of hell. Here are some of the responses:

Dana Drabik: I think it's going to be this new "mother" that we just met.

Rachael Sylvia Lee: Has to be Sam; it's his destiny,

Eduardo Traslavina: ADAM!!! Sammy & Dean's brother!!! He will return like Sammy did at the end of season 5. 

Michelle Roberts Mcgraw: Meg or this new mother.

Jeff Brown: What if an ANGEL rules hell? Lucifer did? Souls are POWERFUL and worth a lot, we learned that from season 6. If Raphael was able to RULE HELL he'd have a LOT of souls in his possession..

Kelly Waight: I think Crowley is still around. He was way too easy to get rid of, and I really want him to come back!

We also asked Supernatural fans what they think of a possible Meg-Castiel hookup in the future. Many are against the pairing, but there are also quite a few who would embrace the prospect.

Liz Laplante: A world of no! I'm all for Cas losing his V card, just not to a demon. Sam did the dirty deed with a demon and look how that turned out.

Rachael Sylvia Lee: HELL NO, Cass deserves way better than skanky Meg.

Cassie Westphal: What could be more interesting [than] an angel and a demon? Besides who else is he going to hook up with? A regular human? Another angel? A hunter? I don't think it has to be Meg but it would be really fun to see him with a demon.

Nicole Katherine Donald: YES!! I thought it was strangely cute.

Zephra Gray: My EXACT reaction when I saw that scene was ... I think I just became a Cas/Meg shipper ... There was clearly chemistry and IT WAS HOT. So yes!

Last but not the least, we asked Supernatural fans to nominate an MVP on the show, and we've stumbled on some interesting answers, besides Sam and Dean of course! 

Paloma Hernandez: Death! Thanks to him the devil is in the cage, and Sam got his soul back!

Samantha Ania: Castiel because he's always helping the boys and fighting a heavenly host.

Toni Tilley: I'd have to go with the Impala. It's kicked ass and driven them across the country for six seasons.

Shalene Calderon: John. He had his issues but installed some great family value. How many families will die over and over for each other.

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