'Supernatural' Fans Predict Castiel's Fate
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Just a few more days before Supernatural concludes its sixth season with a  special two-hour finale, and that means we'll finally find out what happens to Sam's wall, the civil war in heaven and, more importantly, Castiel. Amidst rumors that Misha Collins will depart  the show as a series regular and producer Ben Edlund's revelation that "the cliffhanger is deeply involved with Castiel's fate" it certainly hasn't been easy for fans to ponder on what's in store for his character by the end of this season. We asked our readers and Facebook followers to give their predictions and unfortunately, it doesn't bode well for everyone's favorite angel.

Christopher Trinch: I am afraid he is going to die sacrificing himself for the boys. Perhaps God will return and promote him for his actions and while we won't see much of him in season 7 (sadly) we know he is watching over and went out a hero.

Victoria Acree: Cas gives himself up to close the door to purgatory, that is my prediction.

Gao Xing: Well if there's a cliffhanger I doubt they're gonna hang it only to have him die in [the] beginning of season 7. That's just not how it works. Finger crossed that Cas stays, either as an angle or a human... After six seasons I'd think that the brother dynamic can get a little old, so they better keep Cas as a non-brother relationship, even though he's "like a brother" to Dean.

Ivan Lind: So my guess is they'll kill [Cas] in the finale but not knowing if he'll be resurrected or not. 

Emily Zaenglein: I think Cas will sacrifice himself to help Sam and Dean or to close Purgatory, but whether he will be dead for good or not, I don't know. God might see his sacrifice as worthy of returning him or promoting him to an archangel, hence a transformation. 

What do you think will happen to Castiel by the end of season 6? Share your theories in the comments below!

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