Supernatural: Episode 4.9 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Recap (Page 1/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.9 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Recap (Page 1/4)
Last week's episode of Supernatural ended with a surprising confession, as Dean admitted that he remembers everything that happened to him in Hell.  We still don't know the details of what he went through, but we do know that some sort of unspeakable torment was on the menu.  "Wishful Thinking" gave Dean a chance to open up to his brother, and tonight's "I Know What You Did Last Summer" allowed Sam the same opportunity.  Every Supernatural fan has been dying to know what happened between Sam and Ruby while Dean was six feet under, and now we finally have some answers.  Warning: there's sex involved!

After a recap that lasts longer than "Stairway to Heaven," Supernatural starts off with a woman named Anna chatting with a shrink in a mental hospital.  Anna was trying to warn people that Lilith is cooking up an apocalypse with a tasty side dish of death and destruction, not realizing that such claims often get people tossed in the loony bin.  She knows about the plan with the 66 seals, but also reveals that there are about 600 seals in the world, with no way to know which one Lilith will go after next.  This makes the demon leader kind of unstoppable, and also gives me hope for some sort of awesome overseas adventure for the Winchesters.  Later that night, a demonic orderly comes into Anna's room to do away with her, but she uses some fancy telekinesis to slam him against a wall and escape.

Sam and Dean run into Ruby 2.0 in a dive bar.  After Dean reminds her that he still loathes her with every fiber of his being, she tells the boys about Anna and advises them to take to the road.  Dean wants to know how his brother came to choose a demon as his new BFF, which causes Sam to have a Lost-esque flashback.  Six months earlier, a drunken, angry Sam conjures up the new Crossroads Demon, who happens to be a male for the first time ever.  The demon has no desire to play Let's Make a Deal with Sammy, even if he is willing to take his brother's place in Hell.  The demons want Dean in the pit, and that's exactly where he's going to stay.  There's no exchanging a Padalecki for an Ackles in this universe.

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