Supernatural: Episode 4.8 "Wishful Thinking" Recap (Page 1/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.8 "Wishful Thinking" Recap (Page 1/4)
What is Dean hiding?  That's one question we were left pondering at the end of last week's Supernatural, as Uriel told Sam to ask his brother what he remembers from his time in Hell.  We'll have to wait a couple weeks to find out more about Dean's time down under, but at least Sam is learning to express himself.  Not only did he find the nerve to stand up to Uriel, but he defied both the angels and his brother by using his mental powers to get rid of Samhain.  Can anyone stop Sammy from turning to the dark side?

Tonight's episode of Supernatural takes a break from the apocalypse to introduce a giant talking teddy bear named Teddy.  Seriously.

"Wishful Thinking" starts with a sexy shower scene, but calm down ladies and gents, because it doesn't involve the Winchesters.  A woman named Candace turns off the water, dries off, and soon discovers that she's being watched by a teen who's turned himself invisible.  One might expect a creepy Kevin Bacon to be the see-through perv, but it's actually just a random student with a crush on his teacher.  Meanwhile, Sam tries to get Dean to talk about his vacation in Hell, but the doe-eyed wonder isn't feeling chatty.  In an effort to change the subject, Sam brings up the story about a "ghost" in Washington stalking women at a health spa.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) pretends he's an author investigating ghost stories to get info out of Candace.  The working title of his fake novel is -- wink wink -- Supernatural.  Sam finds it strange that the ghost helped the woman up when she slipped on the stairs, and it's also a little odd that nerdy Ted Raimi is making out with a hot lady named Hope at a nearby table.  After ruling out poltergeists, Sam and Dean talk to a hunter who's convinced he's seen Bigfoot.  Dean wonders if some weirdo hippie is pumping LSD into the town water supply, but he changes his tune once he finds some monster-sized footprints.  The tracks lead to a liquor store, which is missing some porno and girly alcoholic beverages.  Dean wonders if the Sasquatch is some sort of alco-porno addict, "kind of like a deep woods Duchovny."

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