Supernatural: Episode 3.14 "Long-Distance Call" Recap
Supernatural: Episode 3.14 "Long-Distance Call" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Supernatural: Dean sold his soul to a demon to save his brother, but upon learning that humans in Hell turn into demons, Dean began searching for a way to get out of the deal.

Four weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Vancouver set of Supernatural where I got to see them film scenes from tonight's episode. I toured the sets, talked to the stars and watched them film two scenes. As such, you'll have to forgive me when I geek out over stuff like the fact that I totally laid down on the Winchesters' motel bed (and before you ask, no, they weren't in it at the time).

A man gets drunk on a rainy night and receives a phone call accompanied by the most annoying ring ever. It's a woman begging him to leave his wife and come to her. She's very persistent and he gets angry and rips the phone out of the socket. It still rings, so he pulls out a gun and shoots himself to join her.

Our favorite boys get a phone call from Uncle Bobby about the sudden suicide in Ohio, but Sam (Jared Padalecki) is reluctant to go because they're busy with a case: saving Dean. Dean doesn't care because they have yet to find Bela and the Colt. Sam wants to summon Ruby for assistance, but Dean drops the bomb that Ruby told him there's nothing to be done. So it's off to Ohio.

They investigate the suicide and target the phone. The wife isn't helpful, so Dean (Jensen Ackles) threatens her by saying withholding information from police is a capital offense. Dumb Dean is so lovable. The boys retire to their motel room (which I've been in!) and they learn that phone call came from a dead woman with a century-old number. They go to the phone company to trace the number with the help of a tech guy who is caught watching porn (which Dean, of course, recognizes). The tech guy informs them while he can't trace the origin of the phone number, he does find 10 houses that have all received calls from it.

Sam investigates one house and meets the flirty underage Lainy who's been getting mysterious phone calls from her dead mom. Sam checks in with Dean, who talked to an 84-year-old woman having phone sex with her dead husband. Why didn't we get to see that scene? They hang up, and Dean gets another call. From his dead dad John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)!

At the motel, Dean and Sam are trying to wrap their heads around the possible phone call from dead old dad. Sam is no help regarding what to say if he calls back. Sam finds no clues about why this happening, but Dean surprisingly has the answer: this is the birth city of Thomas Edison and is home to his “spirit phone,” because Edison was an occultist who invented a way of communicating with the dead. Surprisingly, a quick Google search reveals this is at least partially based on fact.

That night, Sam is fast asleep when Dean gets another call from Dad, who asks how he could sell his soul. Dean apologizes profusely, but Dad offers a solution, because the demon who holds the contract is there.

Lainy gets a paranormal IM from her mom asking her to kill herself. The screen goes off and she sees her dead mom in the monitor's reflection. FYI: I was totally in that room and have a photo of myself sitting on her bed! The set decoration is redonkulously detailed, down to the Paula Abdul CDs on her desk.

The next day, Sam returns to the motel after checking up on Lainy. He and Dean talk about possible weather patterns following them. This is one of the scenes I saw them film! Dead Dad gave Dean a special exorcism that can kill a demon, which has Dean worked up. Sam heads out to check back in on Lainy, but Dean warns him about running into Chris Hansen. Dean is an emotional wreck, which is very unsettling.

Sam talks to Lainy, who say her mom wanted her to take sleeping pills while repeating “Come to me.” This clues Sam in to the fact that it's not her mom calling. Elsewhere, Lainy's little brother gets a call on his toy phone. The kid walks outside and is almost hit by a truck, but is pulled back by Sam at the last minute.

Dean gets another call from Dead Dad telling him where the demon with the contract is. He heads to some house and draws a pentagram on the floor. Sam calls him before it gets to dangerous, saying it's not dad but a Crocotta, some filth demon that is likely hanging out at the phone company. Sam investigates on his own, suspecting the porn-loving tech guy, but Sam gets knocked out by the guy's boss, who is the real Crocotta.

The Crocotta ties up Sam and kills the tech guy, because he's hungry. Thankfully, all the Crocotta does is suck out the tech guy's life force. It turns out Sam's call warning Dean was interrupted, and it was the Crocotta pretending to be Dean. The Crocotta calls up some guy pretending to be his dead daughter saying the man who killed her is at his house. You can probably guess who's really at the house.

Dean and the guy square off, each thinking the other is someone else. Dean gets the upper hand and does the exorcism which does nothing, giving the other guy the chance to fight back, but Dean fights him off, explaining he didn't kill his daughter. At the phone company, Sam frees himself and takes on the Crocotta, killing it.

Sam and Dean tend to their wounds back at the motel that night. Here's the other scene I saw them film (and the reason Jared is a bit bruised in our video interviews with him). Dean confesses he was so desperate because he's scared by the prospect of going to Hell. Aww, sensitive Dean! Sam promises to be there with Dean to find a way out of it, and Dean breaks the beautiful moment with a joke about Sam's lameness.

Next week on Supernatural: a doctor who enjoys performing surgery on people while they're awake. Eww. But the silver lining is that in order to cut open Dean's chest cavity, first the shirt must be removed.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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