Supernatural: Episode 3.11 "Mystery Spot" Reader Reactions
Supernatural: Episode 3.11 "Mystery Spot" Reader Reactions
Last night's episode of Supernatural, "Mystery Spot," was a perfect blend of the emotional, the hilarious, and the horrific.  Thanks to an unwelcome visit from the Trickster, we got the chance to see Dean die in a variety of different ways.  He was hit by a speeding car, shot in the chest, crushed by a desk, felled by poisonous tacos, and suffocated by a piece of sausage, amongst other things.  The deaths were hilarious and terrifying, and the reactions they got out of Sam (Jared Padalecki) ranged from disbelief to gut-wrenching grief.  This definitely had to be the worst day ever for the Winchester brothers.

Aside from being a fantastic hour of television, "Mystery Spot" also left us with some questions to ponder.  Read on to see what BuddyTV readers are pondering now that Dean's terrible day is finally over.

One of the most interesting twists in the episode was the return of the Trickster, a villain that reminds me greatly of Mr. Myxlplyx from Superman lore.  The big question Supernatural left us with last night involved the motives of the fun-loving villain.

"I loved this episode, it is definitely in the top five of this season," Shadowfax220 wrote.  "It left me wondering if the Trickster is an enemy of the demons and knows that Sam will be playing a big part in the war to defeat them.  Maybe the Trickster will be one of his allies in the future."

Gabiz also loved the episode, and asked the same question that's on all of our minds.  "What I would like to know is why the Trickster wants to teach them a lesson/help them?  When they tried to kill him in the past?"   RedBird72 also had the same inquiry, asking, "Who is the Trickster working for?  Why was it so important to him that Sam realize Dean is his weakness and the demons know it?  Is this part of Ruby's plan to toughen up Sam for when Dean's gone?"

I have no idea if these questions will be answered anytime soon, but I hope so.  I think the best theory is that the Trickster may see the demon uprising as a threat himself.  He does seem more like a villain who just loves to mess with people and not one who would want to join a huge demon army.

Another interesting aspect of the episode was watching Sam turn darker than ever after Dean (Jensen Ackles) died for a period of time.  It was a side of Sam that has been hinted at all season, but we've never seen him quite like he was here.

"If anyone ever thought that Sam wasn't just like John," JDMgirl1976 said, "all they'd have to do is look at this episode and they'll see that while Dean is the one who was trained to by John, Sam is the one who is just like his father.  This was a freakin' amazing episode, and Sam-without-Dean is a Sam that I really don't ever want to see again, because it just made my heart break so many times."

One question that the episode left hanging involved the missing professor.  What the heck happened to him anyway?  milkyway22 wondered the same thing.  "Here's a question that they left unanswered that bothered me though: what about the professor?  The Trickster said he dropped him in a wormhole?  Hello!  Holy cow!  However, I guess what with Dean dying and Sam going nuts from it, and then in the end he really just wanted Dean back with the living I guess I can see how it got lost in the shuffle with them."

Sorry, professor, but Dean is more important.  I hope you enjoy that wormhole!

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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