'Supernatural' Creator Discusses Spin-Off Idea
'Supernatural' Creator Discusses Spin-Off Idea
One of the things that makes Supernatural such a fantastic series is the complex mythology built into the show.   Not only do all of the monsters and ghouls that the Winchester brothers face have their own back stories, but even items like the demon killing Colt have a rich history.  In a recent interview with StarPulse.com, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke hinted at how he'd like to delve deeper into the show's mythology, and even discussed a possible spin-off idea that he's had in the back of his mind for a while.

One piece of Supernatural lore that may have more to it than we've seen is the necklace that Dean (Jensen Ackles) is always seen wearing.  In the episode "A Very Supernatural Christmas" we saw that Dean got the necklace from Sam (Jared Padalecki), but it may have more power than we previously imagined.  "We do have some further back story for that necklace," Kripke promises, "but I haven't decided if or when to reveal it.  It would depend on the right story, I suppose."

Another idea that may never be explored on the series is an urban legend that's one of Kripke's personal favorites.  "It's called 'The Mexican Pet,'" he reveals.  "It's about a family on vacation in Mexico who find a Chihuahua by the docks, they adopt it, smuggle it over the border, take it home, only to realize that it's actually a giant Mexican sewer rat, and it proceeds to eviscerate the family cat.  It's just so funny and gross at the same time, but it would be pretty silly as an episode."

Though the CW would probably never develop it, I'm sure most Supernatural fanatics would welcome a spin-off, even if it didn't feature the Winchester brothers.  Kripke admitted that he's occasionally toyed with the idea, saying, "When the writers and I are procrastinating in the room, we sometimes discuss a possible Supernatural spin-off. . .a prequel that relates the adventures of Samuel Colt and the band of hunters who roamed the Old West.  As I said, I consider Supernatural a kind of modern-day Western, so it'd be cool to go all the way with it, and make an actual horror western.  And I like the idea that the Supernatural universe is a fleshed-out one with a history that goes back centuries.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to tell that story."

As with any great genre show, fans have always hoped that the brains behind Supernatural know exactly where they're going with the series.  Kripke promises that he's known what the final adventure of the Winchesters would be since the beginning.  "I know what the last scene of the series is," he admits.  "I've known this final story, how it all ends, from the very beginning, from before we even shot the pilot.  And I've never wavered from it, not once.  Some smaller story threads shift a bit - a Roadhouse here, some psychic kids there - but at the end the day, those aren't what the show's truly about, at its core.  But we've always been steadily on the course of the main story, the big story, and we're heading towards it in a very conscious way."

If the CW knows what a hot commodity they have on their hands, the end of Supernatural will be many years away.  However, it's comforting to know that the Winchesters' last hurrah is already planned and waiting to blow our minds.  Now, what would it take to get the network to greenlight a demon hunting adventure set in the Old West?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: StarPulse.com
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