Supernatural: 2.14 'Born Under a Bad Sign' Review
Supernatural: 2.14 'Born Under a Bad Sign' Review
This weeks Supernatural had ever indication of digging deeper into the serialized aspects of the series, specifically Sam's battle with his dark side.  From the very beginning, though, we have an indication that this is not the case with the appearance of Meg.  So, unfortunately any twist related to Sam's dark destiny is foiled by some pretty overt foreshadowing.  None-the-less, Supernatual 'Born Under a Bad Sign'  does serve to provide some insight at least in the character dimension of what is to come in the serialized arc, and serves up a creepy mystery like only Supernatural can.

The center of the plot is this:  Sam awakes in a strange motel room, hundreds of miles from where he last remembers, soaked in blood and with one hell of a soul-hangover.   He calls Dean who naturally races to his aid.  As they seek to uncover the mystery of Sam's missing ten days the duo stumbles on a security tape which shows Sam murdering another hunter. 

Convinced that his dark side is taking over,  Sam insists that Dean kill him.  Dean is trying to look at every possibility other than Sam's dark destiny, but even when that is the only reasonable explanation he cannot bring himself to do it.  Dean says he has made a mistake and mauls him senseless.  Suddenly Sam is looking a lot more demon possessed than anything else.  Despite the bad outcome, it's one of those classic Supernatural blood-is-thicker-than-demon-spit moments. 

Sam leaves Dean for dead and heads off to get - dun dun duh - Jo.  Jo is hanging low as a waitress in Minnesota.   Sam subdues her as well, but before he can do anything too dastardly Dean shows up to save the day and Sam shoots him!  (Don't worry... flesh wound.)  Sam hi-tails it for cover.  By this point it is getting fairly obvious that Sam, or whoever is occupying Sam's cranium, is looking to knock off some hunters, Supernatural style.

In a demonstration of just how dumb this body-snatching demon is, it guides Sam to Bobby maintaining the "Hi, i'm Sam and I'm your fellow hunter." facade.  Of course, Bobby is prepared for him (guess they don't network much in the dimensions of evil) and gives him a beer spiked with holy water.  Demon. Down.

By the time Dean arrives, Bobby is preparing to exorcise the demon, which turns out to be the very same demon that had possessed Meg.   After a few minutes of luminescent CGI effects and some very spooky voice-pitch-bending, they get the vengeful demon to take a hike back to hell.  Bobby tells them to keep it all to themselves and the strike back out on the road, as normal as normal could be.

There was nothing bad about this episode, on a personal note I was hoping we'd finally see some of the serialized story come to head but as far as non-mythos Supernatural eps go, this was one of the best - maybe even because of that misdirection..  Showing Meg on the 'previously on' portion was a waaaaay bad idea, the episode would have worked far better if we'd not had that hint up front, but since the reveal comes early in the episode, it's not really all so bad.  Score one for Supernatural