'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Time for a Wedding'
'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Time for a Wedding'
Sam's big day has left Supernatural fans buzzing in the twitterverse. Here are the best tweets about "Time for a Wedding."

#10. @The_GirlWonder_
Today will be remembered as the day when the Fandom married Sam Winchester. 

#9. @Embaala
#S7TimeForAWedding Yes! Be sure to attend in two hours! ;) I allow you to kill the bride and take her place! :D

#8. @DanielleInMA
I love all the Beckys are all pissed that he married Becky, lmfao!! 

#7. @NancyRosee
"His and her fake IDs!" The perfect gift for that #Supernatural couple in your life. 

#6. @ lucchaser
Is DJ Qualls auditioning for Starsky & Hutch?!? He looks ridiculous!! 

#5. @goddessathena79
Looks like the waffle iron came in handy. So many couple never get a gift they can actually use. 

#4. @ excuseyou77
Sam's marriage is going to end up being shorter than Kim Kardashian's. 

#3. @winchesterwoman
Every fangirl's dream: a Winchester tied to the bed. 

#2. @FiercelyNormal
I think Becky really needs to sell her soul for some conditioner.

#1. @ ashley_actually
But hey it's totally cool to work with Crowley, unless your name is Castiel. 

Nerla Moise
Fan Columnist

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