'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'The Mentalists'
'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'The Mentalists'
You don't have to be psychic to know that this week's Supernatural tweets focused heavily on Sam and Dean's confrontation and eventual reunion. Here are the top 10 tweets about the episode:

#10. @winchesterwoman
Special of the day: YOU! Yes, I'll have a Dean Winchester with a side of Sam, please. 

#9. @miraimay
Awkward!!! Running into your ex at a restaurant.

#8. @rob0349
This could almost be a Season 1 episode, except the boys are older and better looking.

#7. @CrazyForJensen
Sam needs to get his panties out of a twist. 

#6. @jennahp
Dean's hair is AMAZING tonight. Like its almost a co-star. 

#5. @thisiskml
Boys! We're meanest to the ones we love most, okay?! Now kiss and make up. And then Dean, take your shirt off. Wait... what?

#4. @VaNi4487
Damn even the ghost thinks Dean is HOT :) 

#3. @lucynowa
Poor Sam, busting into preggo central... surprised they didn't hormone him to death... double funny since he's gonna b a daddy. 

#2. @ rosettasama
This was such a light-hearted and cute scene that I can't stop smiling! Boys, my heart can't take it. 

#1. PompousDandy
Well, another woman survives the boys. That brings to total up to...2. 

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Nerla Moise
Fan Columnist

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