'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Slash Fiction'
'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Slash Fiction'
This week on Supernatural, the Leviathans clone themselves as Dean and Sam. LARPing as the Winchesters, the Leviathans go on a killing spree. The boys land back on the FBI's most wanted list and are forced to go off the grid. While the Winchesters are becoming infamous, Encyclopedia Bobby tries to find a way to kill the Leviathans. Here are the best tweets for "Slash Fiction."

#10. @McFly4eva111: They are the most wanted men in America! Just not quite in the same context... Fangirls most wanted :P

#9. @unknownfangirl: Dean Winchester singing Air Supply.....exactly 15 metric tons of cheesy goodness better than Brad Pitt singing Air Supply.

#8. @lucynowa: oh no!! now its really on!! impersonate the boys if you want but don't mess with metallicar!!

#7. @winchesterwoman: Bobby kissed the sheriff....but he didn't kiss the deputy. Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

#6. @Gabriel_Trick: Awww, what a romantic gift! A severed head!

#5. SpnMaisieDaisy: Oh no! Sammy must feel so betrayed :( I have a feeling a bro scene is coming up and it's going to kill me :(

#4. @whodatMAR: Crowley trying to make a deal. I LOVE HIM. He never changes.

#3. @selahhh:
Again? I could've sworn we did this Dean and Sam separating thing a season or two ago...

#2. @miraimay: Ugh, they've been through worse than one lie.. Way to be a drama queen Sam

#1. @sara_smile: Can I please have a Winchester Clone for christmas? I promise Ive been good!

Next week on Supernatural, Sam and Dean investigate the murders of psychics.

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Nerla Moise
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