'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Death's Door'
'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Death's Door'
It's been two weeks since the "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" cliffhanger and it's no surprise that fans are still upset that the boys' surrogate father, Bobby, may not recover and they'll lose another beloved character. Here are the best tweets about this week's episode.

#10. @LMShamblin: 
Bobby may be knocking but please Death don't let him in!

#9. @sydbateman: 
Why nobody mention Rufus' earring? that was friggin huge and weird. 

#8. @jezabelnhell:
#Supernatural if this is what death is like...i want to be a cryogenic ice cube.

#7. @sara_smile:
Why can't Cas come and make everything semi rainbows and butterflies again :(

#6. @MandyLand29
If I could hug this episode and cry all over it, that's what I would be doing right now. 

#5. @rlamb2: 
Bobby!!! (I can't even write that without thinking of @kathygriffin doing Whitney Houston)

#4. @SunshineTazou: 
'IDJITS!' going to go bury my head under my pillow now! This show exists just to ruin my life! 

#3. @goodtimenation: 
Oh, hey. Thanks for ripping my heart out of my chest, #supernatural. Not that I needed it or anything.

You know it's the mid-season finale when you're left a quivering ball of fangirl or fanboy screaming "whyyyy?!" at your TV. 

#Supernatural damn Bobby is gone? That's like the skipper and Gilligan with no professor. Make us wait a month to see next twist.

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Nerla Moise
Fan Columnist

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