'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Adventures in Babysitting'
'Supernatural' Best Tweets: 'Adventures in Babysitting'
Hellatus is over and our boys are back! But all isn't well in Supernatural, no thanks to the events of last year's mid-season finale.  Dean and Sam take different paths to deal with the aftermath of Bobby's shooting. Dean seeks revenge while Sam works a case in tonight's episode. Here are the best tweet's from "Adventures in Babysitting." 

Dammit, Kripke! What are you letting this woman do to your show?! 

#9. @NancyRosee
"Where is he?" "He's passed away" ... And that's when I killed the writers, your honor. 

#8. @heyassbuttt
Gosh god if they turn Frank into the "new" Bobby i'm gonna be pissed. just no. 

#7. @Pam7221011
They killed off Bobby to bring this boob & this little girl on #Supernatural SMH!

#6. @TinaShon
Dean slept for 36 hours. He hasn't slept that long since I wore him out... kidding 

#5. @snixberry
If Jared and Gen had a daughter, she would look like Krissy. 

#4. @ MaddisonDyann
"I will frisk you." - Dean I'm pretty sure the majority of the #Supernatural fandom would welcome that. Me included

#3. @oddieodelia
Oh chrissy is such a hbic for like a 14 year old (or however old she's meant to be), she's awesome ;D 

#2. @tace
#Supernatural kills off everyone around Sam & Dean...& expects to add new ppl for us to care about? I'm still hoping for a surprise. I guess.

#1.@ morganhargrove6
1940s gangster Dean!! I need a mop to clean up my drool. 

Nerla Moise
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