'Supernatural' at PaleyFest: 4 Things You Need to Know
'Supernatural' at PaleyFest: 4 Things You Need to Know
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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On Sunday the gang from Supernatural was honored at the Paley Center's annual festival for television. The panel included a sneak preview for the audience of the upcoming episode where Sam and Dean travel back in time to 1861 and also gave a few details on the rest of the season.

There was news about what's going on with Castiel, updates on the season and series finales, Eric Kripke's return to writing and an update on Dean's famous amulet necklace.

More Cas

The Ben Edlund-directed 20th episode of the season, "The Man Who Would Be King," is going to focus heavily on Cas, including a few bits of dialogue about the angel's childhood. It seems that's just the start of a lot more Cas in the final few episodes as we meet his top lieutenant, Rachel, and find out more about the Heaven Civil War and how Cas feels about constantly having to deal with Sam and Dean. I'm guessing it's not easy.

The Season Finale

Despite airing as a two-hour finale, Eric Kripke said the two final hours are more separate and individual. Current showrunner Sera Gamble wrote the first hour, which will wrap up some of the stories of the season, while Kripke himself returns to writing for the second hour with his first script since last year's season finale.

In addition, you need to prepare for the worst, because as Kripke told the Hollywood Reporter, "It ends on a cliffhanger, so fans should prepare to pull their hair out all summer, cause we leave all our characters in the worst possible situation and then fade to black and 'Hey, see you in September!'"

The "worst possible situation"? Worse than the boys and their dad being in a car wreck, countless demons escaping from the Devil's Gate, Dean going to Hell, Lucifer rising or Sam being trapped in the cage? How much worse could the show possibly get?

The Series Finale

According to Kripke, whenever the series comes to an end, they already have an idea on how to end it, and while we all thought season 5 was the end of his story, the series finale he has in mind is different.

Dean's Necklace

Last season Dean threw away the necklace Sam gave him as a child, the one that could locate God. Tragically, Kripke said at the panel that there are no plans for the amulet to come back. However, to lighten the depression, Kripke did tell the audience that it's due to contract negotiations with the amulet and that "It's doing a guest shot on One Tree Hill."

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