'Supernatural' Aftergasm: Let's Talk About Sex
'Supernatural' Aftergasm: Let's Talk About Sex
As much as I'd like to ruminate on many of the interesting twists and turns that took place during last night's episode of Supernatural, there's one thing that has to be addressed right up front: Sam and Ruby had sex!  The suspicions we've had about the pair since the season 4 premiere proved to be true, but things didn't play out like many people theorized. Thankfully, the idea of Sam being a rapist was tossed aside when it was revealed that Ruby is actually inhabiting the body of a dead, soulless girl.  Sam needed someone to help him get over his grief, and Ruby was willing to help with both her body and some smart advice.  Who knew that the lisping demon would end up being the one to heal Sam's tortured soul?

Every Supernatural fan is bound to have a different opinion about the scandalous Sam and Ruby hook-up, but I'm personally okay with it.  It's rare that the Winchesters find time to indulge in sexy extracurricular activities, and I can't blame Sam for giving in to his urges.  I also can't judge him.  We may eventually find out that Ruby has been lying about her intentions since returning from Hell, but she was still there for Sammy when he needed someone.  Not only did she offer him some sexual healing, but she dished out Dean-like advice that stopped him from descending into anger and alcoholism.  For a supposedly evil demon, she seems rather helpful.

As interesting as the sex was, Sam's willingness to open up to his brother was the true highlight of "I Know What You Did Last Summer."  Sam laid all of his pain out on the table, and Dean handled everything he learned with an unexpected maturity.  He didn't judge his brother or think any less of him, and he actually found it in himself to offer Ruby a genuine thank you.  I find it fascinating to watch the boys keep secrets from one another, and of course I love it when they bicker and brawl, but it's the touching brotherly moments like the ones mentioned above that make this show so special.

Of course, not everything in last night's Supernatural was all hugs, puppies and sexy good times.  We also met a frighteningly powerful new demon named Alastair, who Dean remembered from his time in Hell.  We don't know much about the demon yet, but the fact that he can resist Sammy's mojo and Ruby's knife doesn't bode well.  Perhaps even more frightening than Alastair, depending on your perspective, are Castiel and Uriel.  The angels arrived at the end of the episode to kill Anna, who they likely see as a threat due to her strange ability to overhear their conversations.  A couple weeks ago they were ready to smite a town, and now they want to murder an innocent girl?  Who are the real villains here?

Best In Show:

Best Quotes: "It's all me inside of here.  There's no one else in here." - Ruby, immediately killing the rape debate in two short sentences.

"Sam, too much information!" - Dean, perhaps echoing the thoughts of a few Supernatural fans who would rather not think about Sam/Ruby sex.

"What she said to me, it's what you would have said.  If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here." - Sam, telling his brother why Ruby is his new BFF.

Best Scene: The introduction of Alastair.  Supernatural hasn't introduced such a frightening villain since Lilith came on the scene.  In just a few short minutes we saw exactly how powerful Alastair is, and also learned that Dean knows more about him than he's letting on.

Best User Comment: "Wow, I'm really blown away by all the hostility over Sam and Ruby having some hot.rough.sex!  Jeez, let the guy have some joy.  His brother was dead and in hell.  His father is dead.  His mother is dead.  His fiance is dead.  I think he deserves some pleasure in life." - Jetster, jumping into the great sex debate.

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- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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