'Supernatural' Recap: 'All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One'
'Supernatural' Recap: 'All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One'
Supernatural kicked off it’s two part finale in a big way, finally busting loose and giving us Supernatural fans what we’ve been looking forward to for so long, the beginning of “The Big Story.”  It has been there, creeping under the surface, occasionally rearing its head, but the approach has been to keep it more or less under wraps.  The strategy of tease and deny has been a huge frustration for fans this season, leading some to deduce that the underlying story was merely a poorly fashioned device to string viewers along.  I doubt anybody is saying that now.  But on the other hand, if Supernatural had started its second season where it is leaving off, I don’t think anybody would be wondering If there was going to be a third season or not.

Essentially, it comes down to an epic war between the forces of good and evil.  I realize that is kind of a no brainer, but bare with me here.

In the beginning of the episode, Sam is having some coffee and pie at a diner, because that is what you do at a diner for some reason, and “the demon” shows up, kills everybody, and takes Sam to this little ghost town called “Cold Oak.”  When I say ghost town, I mean a town where ghosts live.  The place is haunted through and through.

Sam meets up with four other people, all of them have some kind of special ability.  A couple of these people we know, Andy and Ava, but two new characters are introduced as well.  Jake, a super strong soldier type dude, and Lily who has the ability to stop hearts with a single touch.  In what I assume is a shard dream, the demon comes to them and basically tells them they will be fighting to the death.

As things progress, though, we find out that this little battle royal has been going on for a little while.  Ava, in particularly, is not so new to the town and has already survived a few rounds already. Therefore, she is, essentially, the one to beat.  This is good because otherwise the five of them would probably sit around and try to decide why they would possibly be motivated to kill each other.  Ava gets things going taking out Andy and Lily herself, but super soldier guy decides he wants to live and turns her head around a couple of times.

All this time, Dean has enlisted Bobby and they are on their way to rescue Sam, but they arrive too late.  The cliffhanger ends effectively with Sam getting stabbed in the back (!) and Dean and Bobby helplessly looking on.  Will Sam survive?  Tune in next week to find out.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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