Supernatural 2.15 - Tall Tales - Recap
Supernatural 2.15 - Tall Tales - Recap
 Unlike a lot of Supernatural fans, I wasn’t put off at all by this episodes positively non-mythos stance. True, Supernatural has done little but tease lately when it comes to addressing the ‘big’ story, but if the writers were to deliver on the level fans crave it would be irresponsible writing. This is the day and age of LOST, is it not? Give up the story too soon and we all lose interest. Supernatural ‘Tall Tales’ – as far as diversionary episodes go – was a much enjoyable departure with well executed humor and more than enough chills to keep Supernatural fans glued.

I have to admit this now… I read Weekly World News. As far as tabloids go it is one you can rely on to bring thoroughly absurd slices of the Americana ab surd; everything from the banal Aliens and Bigfoot, to the more contemporary Mothmen and Chupacabra – not to mention Bat Boy (sorry Bat Boy.) So a story were Weekly World News inspired weirdness was going down on a college campus was just bliss. Add to that the fact that the boys enlist the aid of Bobby (Jim Beaver) to tackle the surreal mess and you have the recipe for an classic episode of Supernatural.
Basically the plot moves through three different mysteries which tie supernatural-02.jpgtogether in increasingly tabloidish-ways, going from a lady in white story that recalls the pilot, to a good old classic alien abduction, to that staple of American folklore: the alligator in the sewer. 
In the end, it winds up being an extremely gifted Janitor with some heavy duty summoning powers. Towards the finale of the episode things get decidedly violent, chainsaws in all. It’s one of the better action sequences in Supernatural’s run, and the boys are (of course) victorious.  
The most pleasant surprise was the fact that the Janitor actually survives! In the end we find out the chainsaw wielding baddy was just another of his conjuring leaving Supernatural writers with a good outlet for comedic relief if they need it next year, when the dark underlying story of Supernatural will be in full swing (RIGHT!)