'Supernatural': 12 Reasons Sam and Dean are the Best Brothers on TV [GIFs]
'Supernatural': 12 Reasons Sam and Dean are the Best Brothers on TV [GIFs]
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Supernatural reached yet another milestone by celebrating its 200th episode so it's only fitting that we show our love for our favorite Winchester brothers. Sam and Dean have been through so much over the decade from hunting demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings to saving the world from the Apocalypse and saving each other. They are no doubt the most badass brothers on television and here are more reasons why:

They are Ridiculously Attractive... No Matter What They Wear


shirtless dean.gif

shirtless sam.gif

They Use Cool Aliases and Go Undercover a Lot 

undercover fbi.gif

Sam and Dean are Characters You Can Relate To 
They make mistakes and fight with each other like real family - all while kicking ass.


For Sam and Dean, Family Always Comes First.
They've died for each other, killed for each other and they never give up on family.


They've Literally Been to Hell and Back 
You can't say that about a lot of brothers on TV.

sam hell222.gif


They're Both Good at Playing Pranks


They're Real Men Who are Not Afraid to Hug It Out 


They're Not Afraid to Cry

dean crying.gif

sam cry.gif

They Know How to Be Silly and Serious at the Same Time

rock paper.gif

Though They Have Very Different Personalities, Sam and Dean Generally Think In a Similar Way

same page gestrure.gif

They Have Endearing Nicknames for Each Other


No Matter What Happens, You Can't Keep them Apart for Long

beer toast.gif

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