'Supernatural' 100th Episode: What's It All About?
'Supernatural' 100th Episode: What's It All About?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The big 100th episode of Supernatural comes April 15 at 9pm on the CW, and today the network released the official plot synopsis for the episode.  What will happen in the 100th episode and will it change the face of the series forever?  Here's what the CW has to say about it:

"SUPETRNATURAL'S 100TH EPISODE STUNS WITH AN OLD FRIEND AND A SACRIFICE - Dean (Jensen Ackles) begins to think the only way to stop Lucifer is to say yes to Michael, but the angels decide they don't need him anymore.  Dean, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) are horrified at the angels' new game plan and take on Zachariah (guest star Kurt Fuller) to prevent an all out war on Earth.  Meanwhile, a familiar face returns. "

What does it all mean?  Let's look at each part:

Dean Saying "Yes"

After a season of refusing Michael's advances, Dean finally considers saying "Yes."  What could possibly lead him to this decision, and what will it mean?

My Theory: Part of me thinks that Dean may actually say "Yes" in this episode, and the rest of season 5 would feature Michael in Dean's meat suit.

The New Game Plan

Lucifer is allegedly the big villain on the show, but it feels like Zachariah and the angels are just as evil.  What could their new game plan possibly be?

My Theory: I'm thinking their plan is to have all of the angels in Heaven take over their meat suits on Earth and wage a holy war, with a giant army of angel soldiers willing to kill everyone to stop Lucifer.

A Familiar Face Returns

This is easily the biggest part of the episode.  Supernatural doesn't have a whole lot of familiar faces, so who could return?  More importantly, what do they mean?  Is a familiar face literally a person whose body we've seen before on the show, or could it refer to a being such as Michael or Meg?

My Theory: With all of my heart, I want Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return as God, but unless Supernatural is better at keeping secrets than any other show in the history of TV, we probably would've heard about that by now.  Instead, my theory is that the familiar face is NOT a pleasant one.  Even though it would be confusing because Dean shot him with the Colt, I think it would be incredibly cool to see a certain demon with Yellow Eyes to come back, since he was really what started the great Supernatural mythology.


If there's one word that sums up what Supernatural is all about, it's sacrifice.  John gave his life to save Dean, Dean gave his life to save Sam, and so on.

My Theory
: Fans have been predicting this all season, but I'm standing by the idea that Bobby makes the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his life to save Sam and Dean.  It would be very powerful but also a great and fitting end to one of the show's greatest characters.

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So what are your theories?  What familiar face returns, who will make a sacrifice, and will Supernatural's 100th episode live up to your expectations?  

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