Supernatural 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues" Spoilers
Supernatural 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues" Spoilers
In next week’s episode of Supernatural, “Folsom Prison Blues,” Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders that have taken place in a prison – allegedly committed by a ghost. In order to get inside, the Winchester brothers decide to allow themselves to be arrested. Initially charged with breaking and entering, they find themselves in deeper trouble when FBI Special Agent Henricksen (played again by Charles Malik Whitfield) shows up.  Read on for spoilers!
Henricksen has a long list of charges against Sam, and even more against Dean, from the breaking and entering they were caught doing, mail fraud and credit card fraud, all the way up to grave desecration, kidnapping, armed robbery, and first degree murder. Alarmingly, Henriksen is looking to get Sam sentenced to life in prison, and want the death penalty for Dean. Henriksen and Dean meet for the first time.

The brothers meet their public defense lawyer, Mara Daniels (played by Bridget Ann White.) Sam asks Mara for help on the case they’re investigating, and she becomes an ally. As well, she manages to find inconsistencies in Henricksen’s case, and finds witnesses to side with Sam and Dean, like Detective Diana Ballard from "The Usual Suspects" (Linda Blair, who does not appear in this episode) and the bank teller from "Nightshifter." Mara and one of the prison guards help the brothers escape, as well as setting a trap for Henricksen.

During their time in prison, the brothers play basketball and poker. Dean gets himself put in solitary as part of a distraction for Sam, and has an encounter while there – he saves himself using a salt packet. The episode supposedly ends with “to be continued,” with the brothers out of prison but in need of help from their demon hunter pals.

Trivia about this Supernatural episode:

The title of the episode, "Folsom Prison Blues," comes from a Johnny Cash song.

Bridget Ann White, who plays lawyer Mara Daniels, was in an early episode of Gilmore Girls along with Jared Padalecki (Sam on Supernatural; Dean on Gilmore Girls.)

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