'Supernatural' Recap: The Tragic Casualties of War (Page 4/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sam and Dean flee, and while waiting for the Hell hounds, Jo dies in her mother's arms.  Ellen is overcome with grief, but when the dogs arrive, she takes one look at the invisible mutts and simply says "You can go straight back to Hell you ugly bitch."  With that fantastic final line, she pushes the bottom and blows herself, her daughter and the Hell Hounds away.  Goodbye, Harvelles, you were brave and kicked some serious ass.

Elsewhere, Cas manages to lure Meg into his circle by telling her Crowley's theory of how Lucifer will betray the demons.  He can't kill her, but he can do the next best thing: Cas throws her onto the Ring of Fire and uses her body as a bridge to escape.

Moving on, Sam and Dean find Lucifer and prepare for their final showdown.  Since this is only episode 10 of a 22-episode season, it's probably safe to assume this isn't really the final showdown.  Sam approaches Lucifer and tries to get him to talk.  This gives Dean enough time to come up next to him, whip out the Colt and blow a bullet right into Lucifer's head.

Lucifer is dead!

Well, no, not really.  He gets back up to reveal that he just happens to be one of only five creations that the Colt can't kill.  That begs the question: what are the other four?  My guess is God, Michael, Sam and Dean.  Lucifer swats Dean away like a pesky bug and goes to town on Sam, psychologically speaking.

He tries the same mind trick about how similar his plight is to Sam's and how his brother will betray him.  Sam still resists, but since there's nothing he can do but make empty threats, Lucifer goes back to business.  He starts the ritual and, presto chango, he brings Death to Earth.

Sam and Dean somehow escape and return to Bobby's to convalesce.  The news shows tornadoes demolishing all of Missouri as the boys and Bobby all look incredibly depressed.  Bobby takes their group photo and tosses it into the fire.

Wow, that's an incredibly depressing way to end the first half of the season.  I know the episode is called "Abandon All Hope," but they seem to have taken that pretty literally.

Next time on Supernatural: Sam and Dean are locked in a mental institution.  Uh oh, it looks like we're back to the non-Apocalypse related stuff.  Also, though the show's publicist told me Supernatural returns on January 14, the commercial said it returns January 21.  Sadly, this might mean one week more of no Supernatural.

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