'Supernatural' Recap: The Tragic Casualties of War (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Crowley sits the boys down and has a nice talk.  Despite thinking that Sam and Dean are functional morons, he wants to make a deal of his own.  Since Lucifer is technically an angel, he knows that after killing all the humans, Lucifer will turn his sights on the demons.  Not wanting that, Crowley agrees to give Sam and Dean the Colt and tell them where Lucifer is if they promise to kill him.

The boys are appropriately stunned by this fortunate turn of events, so they take the Colt and Sam turns it around to shoot Crowley.  Being one step ahead of them, there are no bullets, so Crowley hands them bullets before going AWOL.  He does get to call them "MORONS!" one more time, making me pray Crowley comes back.

Now that they have the Colt and know where Lucifer is, it's time to regroup.  Sam, Dean, Ellen, Jo and Cas prepare at Bobby's house.  The Harvelles amuse themselves by getting Cas drunk while Sam and Dean contemplate what a bad and dangerous idea this is.  Speaking of bad ideas, Dean spies Jo's rather nice badonkadonk and decides that, since they're all probably going to die, he might as well get some "end of the world" nookie.

Dean goes in for the kiss, but Jo pushes him aside at the last minute.  She has too much self-respect and isn't going to sex up Dean just because of the situation.  I suspect there are one or two fans who would strongly disagree with Jo's decision, because self-respect is a small price to pay for some hot Dean loving.

Bobby gathers this band of misfits to take a photo of their group.  It's a bittersweet moment, since even Cas is pretty sure they're all gonna die.  Well maybe not all, but at least 40 percent, meaning the 40 percent who AREN'T series regulars.

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