'Supernatural' Recap: War, What is He Good For? (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
To find God, Cas needs a special amulet that serves as a Holy EMF Detector, and that amulet is none other than Dean's necklace.  Wow, either that's a brilliant coincidence, or Dean is even more special than I thought.  Dean reluctantly hands it over, saying that he feels naked without it.  If you're a warm-blooded Supernatural fan, that comment definitely inspired a naughty and alluring image to pop into your head.

With Cas on his God Quest, Bobby gets a call from Rufus the Hunter who is fighting off a town full of demons in Colorado, so the boys go to help.

Once there, they inspect the ghost town that is full of debris and destroyed cars until some woman points a gun in their faces.  That's not any woman, its Ellen Harvelle, our second surprise Hunter guest of the episode.  She's prickly and awesome as ever, slapping the crap out of Dean for not calling to say he was resurrected.  In the Hunter community, they probably have an e-card for that.

Ellen explains the situation: Rufus is missing, as is her daughter and hunting partner Jo, and she's left to protect a small group of non-demons.  To fight their way out, Sam and Dean head out to pick up salt and guns, but Dean still doesn't trust Sam, especially since a town full of demons is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for a demon blood lover.

Still, Sam is left alone to pick up the salt when he comes across two demons and is forced to stab them to death.  In the aftermath, Sam stares at his knife, now covered in yummy demon blood.  If this were a Bugs Bunny cartoon, this is the moment when his knife would turn into a giant hamburger.  Somehow Sam resists the urge to lick his knife.

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