'Supernatural' Recap: Cas and Dean, Two Wild and Crazy Guys (Page 4/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Sam admits that he started the apocalypse, so knowing the truth, the two remaining Hunters want Sam to drink some demon blood, hulk out and avenge their fellow Hunter's death.  Sam is trying to quit, so he fights back and eventually beats the crap out of these two pathetic Hunters.
That leaves him no choice but to leave, which brings us back to Sam in bed with Jessica, only this time he's wearing a shirt.  Damn you, shirt!

Sam is worried, and that isn't helped when Jessica morphs into... Lucifer!  Yes, Sam and Lucifer get a face-to-face meeting in Sam's mind, and it turns out Lucifer has one more surprise for Sam.  It turns out Nick, his current body, isn't the perfect human vessel for Lucifer.  No, that honor belongs to Sam.

Yes, Sam is Lucifer's meatsuit!  Of course Sam says "Hell no" to that, vowing to kill himself before he consented.  Lucifer promises to bring him back to life every time.  He also says that he won't use trickery or deception, he'll be 100 percent honest, and that in the end, Sam will consent.

I learned in The Usual Suspects that the Devil's greatest trick was making the world think he didn't exist. Actually, I think Lucifer's greatest trick is using calm, rational thought to convince people to do things.  The scarier part is that I really think Lucifer can do it.

Next week on Supernatural, it's the end of the world as Dean knows it when he witnesses a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where Cas is a stoner and, I'm just guessing, Sam is Lucifer.

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