'Supernatural' Recap: Cas and Dean, Two Wild and Crazy Guys (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Cas has a simple plan of attack: explain to the deputy that he saw an archangel and they would like to know where he is.  Dean is smart enough to know that won't fly, so he gets Cas to use the best method humans have for getting information: lying.  Posing as FBI agents, they learn that Raphael's meatsuit is now in a comatose state at the local hospital.

After visiting the body, they realize Raphael doesn't live there anymore, so Cas runs off for supplies to put a plan into effect.  The two get some down time, and after hearing Cas probably won't survive another encounter with Raphael, Dean wants to know what Cas would do with his last day on Earth.  The sad truth he finds out is that Cas is an angel virgin, which sends Dean's motor into overdrive and elicits the second best quote of the episode, also from Dean.  "There are two things I know for certain.  One, Bert and Ernie are gay.  Two, you are not gonna die a virgin."

Miraculously, Dean manages to find what has to be the only whore house in Maine, and I shouldn't even need to explain how the rest of this plays out, because it's as funny as you can imagine.  Cas has no idea how to talk to girls, and once Dean buys him a prostitute, Cas ruins the moment by talking about her daddy issues, forcing the two to make a quick exit.

It's time for the magic spell to bring Raphael back to his vessel and trap him in a ring of holy Jerusalem oil.  Finally, this explains that preview we saw where Cas and Dean light a match and throw it on a dude in a wheelchair.  Nothing happens, so they go back to the house they're squatting in, and that's where they find Raphael, who isn't too happy to see them.

But, of course, Cas and Dean knew this would happen, so they have another ring of Jerusalem oil and trap Raphael anyway.  They want to know where God is, but the only response they get is that God is dead.  That's disappointing.  But if God's dead, who brought Cas back to life?  Raphael suggests it was Lucifer, trying to get as many rebellious angels as possible in this fight.  The scariest thing is that it makes sense.

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