'Supernatural' Recap: Dean's Date with Death (Page 2/3)
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The gang heads back to Bobby's where they ask for good news.  Bobby explains that the Storm of the Millennium is about to hit Chicago and kill three million people.  This may not sound good, but it is, because Death will be there.  Crowley shows up to reveal that he told Bobby this in exchange for his soul.  Dean is angry Bobby gave his soul up, which is hypocritical because Dean did the same thing, and that was just to save Sam, not to stop the Apocalypse.  Sam is just disgusted that Bobby sealed the deal with a great big kiss Crowley caught on his iPhone.

Crowley reveals that he only took Bobby's soul as an insurance policy so Sam and Dean wouldn't kill him.  He also reveals the plot by Niveus to release the Croatoan virus as well as the fact that as part of his deal with Bobby, he restored the old man's ability to walk.  Bobby stands up and nearly cries from happiness.

The boys decide to split up: Sam, Bobby and Cas will deal with Niveus while Dean and Crowley head to Chicago to find Death.  They also have Death's Scythe, which might be able to kill him.

On the road to Niveus, Sam explains his plan to Cas about saying "Yes" to Lucifer.  Cas thinks it might be possible, but he adds that Michael has decided to use Adam as his vessel and that in order to be used as Lucifer's vessel, Sam will need to drink a whole lot of demon blood.  Nothing comes easy on Supernatural.

They arrive at Niveus and stop the trucks from leaving, but the demons in charge infect a few people with Croatoan, leaving Sam, Bobby and Cas to shoot them.  In the end, they save the day.

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