Supernatural: Episode 4.9 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Recap (Page 4/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.9 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Recap (Page 4/4)
Sam is so determined to avenge Dean's death that he's willing to go off on a suicide mission.  He knows he's not ready to face Lilith, but he knows if he dies he won't have to live with the pain any longer.  Ruby verbally bitch slaps him and tells him he's making a huge mistake, but he goes off on his own anyway.  One month later, or five months earlier depending on how you're keeping track, Sam sneaks into a house to find Lilith, soon realizing that he's been lured into a trap by a couple of demons.  Lilith is nowhere to be found.  Ruby arrives to save the day, successfully killing one of them, but Sam is forced to use his mental mojo to get rid of the other one.  Back in the present, Sam explains that not only did Ruby save his life, but she helped him learn how to continue on without his brother.

A sassy maid comes into the Winchesters' motel room and gives them details on where to find Anna.  It's Ruby 3.0, explaining that she temporarily borrowed the body of another woman to give them the news.  The boys head to a barn and find Anna waiting with Ruby 2.0, who Dean actually thanks for saving his brother's life.  Things get emotional when Sam has to tell Anna that her parents are dead, but there's no time for tears once Anna realizes that the angels are on their way.  Something tells me they're not coming to do a karaoke sing-along to the wonderful '90s anthem "How Do You Talk to An Angel?"

Castiel and Uriel arrive to crash the party, and while they're not particularly happy to see Ruby, they're more concerned about Anna.  They've decided they don't like people intercepting their phone calls and angelic text messages, so they've come to kill her.  Believe it or not, that's the end of the episode, as things slam to a halt with a "to be continued" mocking me on the screen.

Next week on Supernatural, Dean and Anna get naked in the Impala!  Is that awesome or blasphemous?  You be the judge.

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