Supernatural: Episode 4.20 "The Rapture" Recap (Page 2/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.20 "The Rapture" Recap (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sam and Dean hit the road to track down Jimmy.  They're shocked when Anna pops up out of nowhere in the backseat of the Impala (a location she's intimately familiar with, as you recall).  She criticizes the two for losing Jimmy, explaining that Castiel was called back to Heaven because the higher-ups didn't approve of his recent activities.

Cas Flashback #3: Jimmy still thinks the angel named Castiel inside his head is a sign from God and that it's the most important thing in his entire life.  His wife isn't too pleased with this information, so she demands that he either take his crazy pills or she'll leave him.

Jimmy seeks out advice from above and Castiel offers him a solution.  Jimmy only cares that his family is safe, so he agrees and Castiel inhabits his body.  Jimmy's daughter walks outside and calls out to her daddy, but Cas looks back and says, "I'm not your father."

Back in the present, Jimmy is back to his house and goes in to see his family.  He tells his wife that he spent the last year in a psychiatric institution.  Way to turn your back on God.  His wife believes him and accepts him back, sitting down for a nice family dinner.

Jimmy's old buddy Roger stops by, but when the two men are alone, Roger tells him that he's going to kill his daughter, forcing Jimmy to pummel the demon possessing his old best friend..

Jimmy locks them in a closet and tries salting the entrance, but his wife now thinks he's back to being crazy.  They rush out and Roger takes Jimmy's daughter and prepares to kill her.  Luckily Sam and Dean show up just in time, but now there are two demons with Roger's wife joining the party.               

Sam tries his best to rid the woman of the demon, but his special powers aren't working.  He's been rendered impotent by demon blood withdrawal, and if you don't get the metaphor, you're not looking hard enough.

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