Supernatural: Episode 4.18 "The Monster at the End of This Book" Recap (Page 2/5)
Supernatural: Episode 4.18 "The Monster at the End of This Book" Recap (Page 2/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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They head off to see the publisher of Supernatural, posing as reporters who want to write a story about it. The woman thinks a little press is just what this show needs to bring in more readers, since they stopped publishing it after the end of the third volume, which ended with Dean going to Hell in “No Rest for the Wicked.” This episode is shameless in the way it’s calling out everything, even specific episode titles.

The publisher is angry that fans are now more interested in sexy doctors who happen to be in direct competition with Sam and Deam. Suck on that, Grey’s Anatomy! This woman is obviously a crazy fan girl, mentioning that “Heart” and “Home” are her favorites because they’re emotional. “The best parts are when they cry.” This could very well be my favorite episode of Supernatural ever. Not the best, just my favorite.

She tells them that the author’s real name is Chuck Shurley, and we cut to Chuck who is busy reading his latest manuscript which describes Sam and Dean coming up to a rundown house and pushing the doorbell. Just then, his own doorbell rings. It’s Sam and Dean, and Chuck freaks out.

At first he doesn’t believe it, but then they tell him their last name is Winchester, which he claims was never written and he never told anyone their last name. He now knows this is for real, and he apologizes for the general crappiness of “Bugs” and the ghost ship in "Red Sky at Morning” Apology accepted, Supernatural writers.

He tells them about his latest book, a Vonnegut-esque piece. Dean wonders if it’s more like Slaughterhouse Five or Cat’s Cradle, and Sam is as impressed as I am that Dean is a Vonnegut fan. It’s actually more Kilgore Trout as he wrote himself into the book, and it’s here that he finally realizes he’s living the book he’s currently writing, which is also the episode we’re currently watching.

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