Supernatural: Episode 4.11 "Family Remains" Recap (Page 2/3)
Supernatural: Episode 4.11 "Family Remains" Recap (Page 2/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Daughter is in bed and the dog starts licking her hand. After a while, she sees the dog come out of the closet, which freaks her out because, as she tells her parents, “I just got molested by Casper the Pervy Ghost.” Sam and Dean rush in to help and take control of the situation.

The family tries to flee, but Wall Girl slashed the tires and even stole the guns from the Impala. That is so not cool. Since the Winchesters aren’t familiar with ghosts that can leave the house and hunt them, they run back inside and get inside a salt circle.

Sam investigates the attic where the daughter hung herself while Dean waits with the family in the circle. Wall Girl shows up, but thankfully, ghosts can’t come into the salt circle. Apparently no one told her, because Wall Girl pulls out a knife and walks into the circle. Dean tells everyone to run while he fights off this crazy chick. She eventually runs away, but during the chaos, Son goes missing.

This time, Dean and Uncle go off to investigate while Sam hides in the shed with the rest of the family. Dean finds a hole in the wall and goes down to find the Wall Girl’s home, where the family dog is half-eaten and doll heads are everywhere. While Dean explores, the Wall Girl shows up and kills Uncle.

The family is mortified by this tragic news, and Mom wonders why all these bad things keep happening to them, because their other son died in a car accident a year ago. This is a very strange episode because they’re spending a lot of time humanizing this family.

Meanwhile, Sam finishes reading the dead girl’s diary and discovers the Wall Girl isn;t a ghost, but the dead girl’s daughter. Wall Girl was locked away because her dad was also her grandpa. So this episode actually has no supernatural component, it’s just about a psycho killer who’s the product of incest.

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