Buddy Battles Round 1: Dean and Castiel vs. Nick and Schmidt!
Buddy Battles Round 1: Dean and Castiel vs. Nick and Schmidt!
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With our Buddy Battles bracket decided, it's time to start the showdown between our first pair of pals. In round one we pit funny guys Nick and Schmidt from Fox's sitcom New Girl against heartthrobs Dean and Castiel from the CW's sci-fi Supernatural.

Whoever wins the fight will go on to battle it out with the rest of the contenders to become BuddyTV's favorite dynamic duo. 

UPDATE: Dean and Castiel Crush Nick and Schmidt!
Surprising no one, Supernatural's Dean and Castiel handily defeated Nick and Schmidt. At least the New Girl duo will always have TinFinity. 

About the match-up, Twitter follower @amosanguis said: "Let's face it, Nick & Schimdt vs Dean & Cas is a little harsh. Like a pony vs a thoroughbred."

It looks that way, as Dean and Castiel absolutely destroyed poor Nick and Schmidt.

round1bracket.jpgSo let's take a look at the contestants! 

Duo: Nick and Scmidt

Show: New Girl

Why Vote For Them? 
Having just celebrated their TinFinity, aka ten years of living together, Nick and Schmidt are a pair of pals with real staying power. Sure, they were once "equals!" and now Schmidt has a high-profile job while Nick goes into panic attacks when he needs to rent a port-a-potty. But these two are still sort of equally screwed up, especially when it comes to their love lives. I mean, who doesn't want to vote for a duo willing to throw themselves a lavish 10-year anniversary party? 

Duo: Dean and Castiel

Show: Supernatural

Why Vote For Them? 
Well, let's be honest, it's not like they're bad looking dudes. While brothers Dean and Sam are the heart of Supernatural, that hasn't stopped Dean and Castiel from making a pretty perfect pair. Plus there was that one time Castiel joined Dean to work a case, and Dean traumatized the angel by bringing him to a brothel. Nothing says true friendship like getting hookers involved .

Remember, you have until 3pm PST/ 6pm EST tomorrow to fight for your favorites. You only get one vote, so make sure you make it count!


If you're on Twitter, make sure to tweet to tell us who you're voting for and why with the hashtag #BuddyBattles, and your tweets might just show up if your duo of choice pulls through. 

Make sure to vote in the poll and let us know why your favorites should win in the comments! 

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