5 More Things You'll Love About the 'Supernatural' Meta Episode
5 More Things You'll Love About the 'Supernatural' Meta Episode
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Hola Mishamigos, I'm back for another round of juicy spoilers and tidbits about this week's incredible Supernatural, "The French Mistake." The episode finds Sam and Dean transported to an alternate universe where they're Jared and Jensen, stars of a TV show called Supernatural.

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Late Tuesday night when I first got my hands on an early copy of the episode, I immediately watched it and wrote down my thoughts. However, now I've had time to sleep on it, process it, rewatch it, and I've come to this conclusion: "The French Mistake" is my favorite episode of Supernatural ever.

I don't say that lightly. Prior to this my favorite episode was the Groundhog Day adventure Mystery Spot. I love the weird, conceptual episodes, but even more than that, I love the creative process behind television.

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I'm the kind of guy who'd rather meet Joss Whedon than Sarah Michelle Gellar. I'm the kind of guy who gets excited when I find out an episode of Supernatural (like "The French Mistake") is written by Ben Edlund. So thanks to this episode's impressively hilarious behind-the-scenes look, it's my favorite.

From the moment the boys are transported (which happens before the glass smashes on the title card), everything is funnier. Even moments that are very dark and supremely tragic (and there are several) have an undercurrent of comedy because it's a fake version of the real world.

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I hope you all love this episode as much as I do, and to keep you excited, here are five more things I know you'll love about the episode.

Jared and Jensen's Relationship

The characters in the alternate universe make a lot of references to Jared and Jensen's relationship off the set, and luckily for us, Sam and Dean are a lot closer than their fake real-life counterparts.

Then: Meg's Goblet

The "previously on Supernatural" package includes the usual clips from this season about Balthazar and the angel civil war, but the most surprising part is that they also include a scene from way back in season 1 at the end of "Scarecrow" when Meg slit a trucker's throat to use his blood in her goblet to communicate with another demon. Suffice it to say, they include that clip for a very good reason.

Jensen's Trailer and Jared's House

I have no idea if Jensen's real trailer is anything like his fake one in this episode, but if so, he certainly has a taste for the finer things in life, like toy helicopters and soothing music.

Meanwhile, if Jared's house in the episode is any indication, it's quite clear that Jared Padalecki makes a LOT more money than Jensen Ackles, because it is redonkulous and full of great sight gags and very egotistical artwork.

Actors Playing Real-Life People

You know that the episode will feature Misha Collins and Genevieve Padalecki as themselves, but there's one more person who plays himself that you might not recognize. The show's actual stunt coordinator, Lou Bollo, shows up for a cute and funny little scene.

However, the episode is also rich in actors playing people behind-the-scenes. Other than Bob Singer, Eric Kripke and even Sera Gamble, the episode also has fictional versions of these people whose names may not be as familiar to fans:

-Kevin Parks, first assistant director (in the episode he makes the awful suggestion of using a freeze frame for one act break)

-Serge Ladouceur, the director of photography (he's the one with the thick accent)

-Jim Michaels, one of the show's producers

-Clif Kosterman, Jared and Jensen's driver and boydguard

Sera Gamble vs. Eric Kripke

All Supernatural fans know that this season, Sera Gamble took over as showrunner from creator Eric Kripke, and there are scenes in this episode that feature Sera and her struggles. The woman certainly knows how to make a joke at her own expense while also poking a little fun at Kripke.

Now get ready to enjoy this masterpiece of meta fiction Friday night at 9pm on the CW.

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