'Love in the Wild' Recap: The Year of the Tim
'Love in the Wild' Recap: The Year of the Tim
The adventure kicked off to a more than surprising start as seven of 14 men were sent packing. Tonight's episode of Love in the Wild will find our contestants jumping off of a 40-foot cliff. Will the couples fall hand-in-hand in love? Or will that come splattering down, horribly?

Having being picked by Summer, the woman who came out on top, Tim's ego continues to grow. "She earned me," he says. Full of yourself much? On the other hand, Ken is falling head over heels for Yanina. Let's hope that lasts for his sake.

The Challenge:
One of the partners from each couple must make-out with an old, toothless farmer for a map. "Just kidding," says Jenny McCarthy. Thank goodness for that!

The REAL Challenge: The couples must scour the land for nets. From there, they must assemble the nets and follow the maps that come along with them.

Shauna, the one who threw her own pity party because she had to sleep in a lean-to, stands around with Ryan in last place, "scanning, scanning, scanning" for the net. Not only is this amazingly annoying, but it's most likely wasting more time and Ryan agrees.

Ali and Chase are the first couple at the cliff. She is MORTIFIED! "Just do it," he says as he pushes the poor girl from the cliff. Most of the other couples jump together, but Cina tells Jason E. to go before her. That way if there's alligators, he'll be eaten first. So romantic.

The top teams Ali and Chase and Summer and Tim come to the old farmer. For their next map and compass, they must use the net to catch a guinea fowl. It's hilarious watching these guys chase these funny little birds in pouring rain. By the way, Tara would be more concerned about guinea fowl if they were "popping [her] bottles in the cabana." Wow.

Shauna and Ryan manage to move ahead at the coupe. It wasn't an easy task, though. Shauna yells every chance she has and Ryan contemplates what he should do next. "Should I wrap the net around her and tie her to the pole and get out of here?" seems like his best idea yet.

Ben and Jenny have fallen into the last spot. "Beaten and battered by a guinea fowl," comments Ben. He's tossed the net over the fence. A cool and collected Jenny picks it up and retrieves the bird, allowing them to move on to the plaque retrieval where everyone else has already made their way.

1st Place: Ali and Chase
2nd Place: Summer and Tim
3rd Place: Tara and Jesse
4th Place: Cina and Jason E.
5th Place: Yanina and Ken
6th Place: Shauna and Ryan
Last Place: Jenny and Ben

Ali and Chase scurry up to the Oasis for their rewarded night stay like Hollywood royalty. "I feel like Angelina Jolie running in there," says Ali. Too bad she doesn't look like her. At the other end of the spectrum is Ben and Jenny, setting up the lean-to. Jenny is ready for some "romanticism" so she makes a move and kisses her partner. "We'll give it some time and see what happens," he says to cameras.

It's the couple round-up come the next day. Shauna is curious about her connection with Ryan and point blank asks him what's up. "Am I supposed to force a connection because you kept me around?" he asks. This prompts some crocodile tears from Shauna again. "I want to be with someone that I know is my Prince Charming," she sobs.

Ali and Chase make their way to their reward by gondola ride up a steep mountain. Ali is scared stiff and being the gentleman that Chase is, he comforts her. In the end, they enjoy a romantic meal atop of a beautiful mountain.

It's Jesse's birthday soon, so the contestants have a party complete with cake. A drunken Tim starts a cake throwing contest and ends up smashing cake into his partner Summer's hair. She's not happy at all, but a goodnite kiss seems to straighten it all out ... until her eyes start to look elsewhere at Ryan.

Speaking of Ryan, Shauna will definitely not be picking her partner. In a surprising twist, Ben speaks with Shauna, expressing that he would like to try it out as her new partner, "shaking it up a bit" as he puts it. Where will this leave Jenny?

It's Match-up time! Jenny explains the rules. Ali and Chase are first and this time around the guys will choose first. Being the first couple, they have the ability to either accept or move on. "I think I'm going to stay with Chase," giggles Ali.

Summer and Tim are next and while Tim is able to make the initial decision, Summer is able to accept or deny his request. Tim wants to stay, but Summer wants to switch. I knew the cake incident was a bad idea. Summer asks Ryan to be her new partner and he accepts.

Jesse and Tara remain together. Jason and Cina do the same. Ken and Yanina color coordinated tonight and are quite disgusting. Obviously, they stay together.

Shauna walks up alone, asking Ben to leave Jenny, immediately sending his partner home. Although, he made a deal with Shauna, he denies her request and saves Jenny from elimination. Jenny rejects Tim and joins the couples.

Eliminated: Shauna and Tim

Tim, who speaks of himself in third person, refers to Ryan as "the anti-Tim." Even better, he expresses this moment in time as "the year of the Tim." It was definitely his turn to leave.

Wait, there's more! Jenny welcomes six new girls! The original women are NOT happy while the men are pretty intrigued. We'll have to wait to see what happens next week.

Next Monday, the estrogen on the island is almost too much to handle. Cat fights are popping up everywhere! Make sure you tune in to next week's episode of Love in the Wild to find out what happens!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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