[Video] 'Suits' Sneak Peek: Louis Knows!
[Video] 'Suits' Sneak Peek: Louis Knows!
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Louis is on the trail to discovering the truth about Mike on Suits. If he does uncover it, what will he do? It looks like we'll find out in this week's "Yesterday's Gone," based on the previews. Though, it's always possible that Louis only found out part of the truth and really doesn't know how deep the lie really goes.

Check out the Suits sneak peeks for "Yesterday's Gone."

It's over! Louis knows that Mike never went to Harvard. And he's determined to protect Pearson Specter, but what will he do if he finds out that Jessica and Harvey know the truth. Will Louis risk the firm he holds so dear? Or will his feelings about the firm change?

"It's not going to be okay," Harvey tells Mike. Nope, Harvey's not Superman, but he's pretty darn close when it comes to being a lawyer. 

"I'm going to expose you for the lying piece of filth that you are." Wow. Louis isn't holding anything back!

"Yesterday's Gone" Sneak Peek

Rachel tries to convince Louis to hold back regarding Mike.Rachel pulls out all the cards and her charm to convince him. Will Louis pull back on his threats?

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