'Suits' Recap: Personal Wars All Around
'Suits' Recap: Personal Wars All Around
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The case got personal this week on Suits. In a twist, it wasn't Mike who made got too involved, but Harvey and Rachel. In "Zane vs. Zane," Rachel's father, Robert Zane was the opposing counsel in a case against Pearson Hardman and then threatened the firm. That made it personal and Harvey asked Rachel to attend the deposition. And, the fun began.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Poor Rachel went out to lunch with her father for her birthday and he not only doesn't order anything to eat, but he asks her to step back if she is involved in a case that he will be taking against Pearson Hardman.

That was only a small sign of the problems that Rachel has with her father. He has been disappointed in her decision to be a paralegal. She hasn't told her dad about about her LSAT score and with good reason.

Harvey and Mike: Banter's Back

After letting down Harvey after his grandmother's death, Mike really has gotten his stuff together and their relationship has improved. In fact, it was almost the opposite. I never expected to see Harvey and Mike having quite so much fun in the office. Wastepaper basketball was a sight to see.

Rachel's at War

After being disappointed by her father, Rachel went to Mike to get put on the gender discrimination case. She wanted to face her father more than she was concerned with working with Mike again.

Given the notable stature of Robert Zane, it's surprising that Pearson Hardman hasn't faced him before. Mike was shocked that Rachel is his daughter, but it also explains a lot. He agreed to have her help on the case.

When Zane refused to honor the negotiated settlement, suggested a merger, and threatened the firm, Harvey took it personally and asked Rachel to attend the deposition. Instead of affecting Zane, it hurt Rachel and angered her father.

No Settlement

After a vicious questioning in the deposition, the client decided she wanted to settle. Harvey approached Zane about a settlement, but it was now off the table. Zane wanted to go to court after the stunt Harvey pulled.

Rachel and Mike went to work looking at all the women that were looked over for promotions and found a similarity between them in the records. There was a systemic problem at the company. 

Jessica informed Zane that they were going to turn it into a class action suit. Nice move by turning Zane's refusal into a cash cow for the firm. He decided to fight the class action status. Instead of fighting one case, it would be 133 and an attempt to bring down Pearson Hardman, "Death of a thousand cuts."

Jessica said it would be about 45 cases and she didn't care. She would lose her firm before giving into him, besides it was a game of dominoes. Once she won one case, the rest would follow until the company decided to settle. Way to go, Jessica!

Zane's a Troublemaker

Rachel visited her father and they had a heart-to-heart. Their relationship wasn't fixed, but it was starting to heal. She reminded him she wasn't a little girl any more and she is tough. It didn't hurt that she told him she did well on the LSATs either.

Her father decided there was a conflict of interest and gave up the case. He transferred it to another lawyer ... Daniel Hardman! He just had to stick it to Jessica and Harvey, didn't he?

And Some Fun

Katrina's quite a tough cookie, isn't she? The battle between Katrina and Louis provided some much needed lightness to an otherwise heavy episode. As a fifth year associate, she shouldn't have been treated like she was by Louis.

Of course, Louis was just made because she got hired and his associate wasn't. It's not her fault, but it's Louis. I was a bit surprised that after nearly leaving and being on the Louis Litt Rehabilitation Plan, that he was so bold with Katrina.

She played just as hard as he did. Though, it's a good thing that none of their pranks ended up hurting a client. Louis definitely went over the line by replacing her court documents. That was serious business.

After fines, jail, gold nail scissors, and mug shot posters, they called a truce. If they give each other a chance, they could actually work well together. I loved the Louis-President photos and the mug shots. I hope those end up online soon.

Did Harvey do the right thing by getting Rachel involved? Fighting fire with fire? Will the firm be able to beat Hardman? Which prank between Katrina and Louis was your favorite?

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