'Suits' Recap: What is Truth?
'Suits' Recap: What is Truth?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Suits case of Mike's missing Harvard file came to a close in "Yesterday's Gone." Or is it really closed? A lie covered up a lie. Blackmail failed. And friendship settled the case. I never expected to see the day when that happened within the firm.

Louis Knows

But, what does Louis really know? He knows that Mike's Harvard file was missing from the file room. He believed that Mike didn't go to Harvard. With a nudge from Donna, he requested a copy of Mike's Harvard transcript. He received it. Case closed.

Not so quick. Mike's transcript had an A+ from a professor who never gives an A+. Louis was suspicious once again. He confronted Mike in the bathroom and spewed a lot of angry and hateful words about exposing Mike as a fraud.

Step by step Mike's cover story fell apart. How would he salvage his career? His freedom? The firm's reputation. Louis had the ability to take that all away.

The Cheat

Mike didn't go to Harvard, but that wasn't a secret that could get out. It would be devastating to more than just Mike, so he covered up the lie with a smaller yet believable lie. Mike told Louis that he didn't do well on the tests and so when he had the chance, he changed his grade in the professor's office.

Mike cheated. He gave himself an A+ in the class when he didn't deserve it. Louis bought that story, but he wasn't willing to let it go. The lie worked, but it just created a whole new problem. Louis wanted Mike to apologize to the professor. The professor of an ethics class that he never took.

Even Rachel's charm and love for Mike wasn't enough to get Louis to let it go. Louis was determined to have Mike repent for his sin. With Mike's problem not solved, he went to Harvey and confessed the new lie he told.

Mike's cheat didn't work and Harvey headed to Boston to try and fix the problem.


Harvey had something on the ethics professor. What he had wasn't ever explained, but Harvey threatened him with exposure. It would remain secret as long as the professor didn't give the lecture at Pearson Specter and didn't take Louis' calls.

At first it appeared the professor would comply with Harvey's demands, but it didn't work. The professor was willing to take the hit. He wouldn't allow Harvey to better him. He had too much pride and respect.

Well, when that didn't work, Harvey was furious. He got upset at Mike and proclaimed he wasn't Superman. The tough Harvey Specter lost one and everything he had built was on the edge of collapsing.


Mike was not about to let Harvey down. Instead, Mike was going to be a friend and end it before anyone else was hurt. Mike planned on going to Louis and resigning. He hoped if he left quietly, Louis would let it go. He'd be out of a job, but everyone else would be safe.

Harvey offered to go with Mike, but the Associate refused. He wasn't going to let anyone else go down. He wouldn't betray his friend in that way. Mike was taking the high road. It was honorable.

Before Mike could complete his plan, Harvey took Mike's words to heart and put them into action. Harvey went to Louis and asked him to let it go. They were friends. At first, Louis refused to back down because he needed the wrong to be righted. 

In the end, Louis saw the light and recognized there was something more important. When Mike came face-to-face with the Harvard Professor, Louis let Mike off the hook. He was in the clear.

Mike's lie about cheating covered up the lie that he never went to Harvard. How long until his secret is threatened again? Or will this push Mike toward fixing the problem so it never arises again?

What is Truth?

While the Louis-Mike issue was going on, Jessica had to deal with aftermath of his ex-husband's death. Quentin left her and Harvey as co-executors of his will. And that involved his pharmaceutical company.

Initially, Jessica let her emotions get the better of her, but she came around with wise counsel from Harvey. Jessica and Quentin's widow resolved their issues and came together to fight for what he would have wanted.

The company could be sold, but only if the purchasing firm guaranteed to continue working on Quentin's drug, the man's legacy. Of course, they didn't want that. They wanted to company so they could prevent his drug from getting out and costing them sales from a more profitable one.

When Jessica and Harvey's co-executor appointment was challenged in court, Jessica gave an elaborate and beautiful speech about truth, the law, and the doing what's right. In the end, Quentin's wishes were carried out and his legacy was protected.

The Jessica and Louis parallels were beautifully written and played out. Though, will Louis' decision based on a cheat and a lie end up costing him and the firm? We'll have to wait and see.

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