'Suits' Recap: Attack Mode
'Suits' Recap: Attack Mode
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Suits, the battle against Daniel Hardman continued with the Folsome Foods gender discrimination suits. While Daniel thought he had a financial advantage, that all changed when Jessica and Harvey brought in outside support. The resources and force levels were turned upside down leaving Daniel behind.

Scottie's Back

Harvey's former Harvard classmate, lover, and adversary, Scottie, returned from London single and ready to take him on. She stole his most promising Folsom Foods client and used it for leverage to take over more.

She wanted 10 clients, including the most likely to win. Harvey wanted to flip their strategy upside down and go after the most difficult case in Parkville first to throw Daniel off his game. Of course, she suggested they should join forces and go for all 45 cases and cities at one time to overwhelm Daniel with their combined teams.

All the posturing and manipulation brought them right to where Scottie wanted to be in the first place -- partnering on all the cases. And, on the way to Parkville, they had a little extracurricular fun.

Mean Lawyer, Nice Lawyer

Daniel caught on to their plan and showed up for the deposition in Parkville. During the deposition though, Harvey surprised Daniel and Scottie by questioning the witness about her hysterectomy. Did she all of a sudden become eligible for a promotion as a woman because she couldn't have kids?

Ouch. That was a difficult approach to take and shocked Scottie. But, the plan worked. She became the good, nice lawyer to Harvey's mean, unspeakable approach. It was just a matter of finding proof that the company knew.

That came when the firm got access to Folsom's personal emails. He not only knew about her medical procedure, but the email showed it was why she was allowed to be promoted.

Sorry, Daniel. You lost! He not only had to deal with that setback in the case, but also seeing his name removed from the wall.

Katrina's a Bitch

Wow. Katrina definitely set herself up to fail at her new firm. Or, at least to be ostracized by those she now works with each day. She undermined Mike's hard work by presenting it as his own, lied about being assigned a case, and then treated Rachel poorly.

Then, when Mike used her own methods against her to get proof that Folsome knew about his employees hysterectomy, she was furious. Not a good start. She could have come in a team player, but she was too concerned with getting ahead and pushing people around.

Rachel's Quest to be a Lawyer Hits a Snag

She didn't get in Harvard. Even though she had the scores and work history to support it, the biggest surprise was that her father being a successful lawyer and an alum didn't get her in. Guess we don't have to worry about her leaving the firm yet.

Louis really showed that he is a stand up guy when he put it all out there with She-Louis and then took the blame anyway. It was heartbreaking to watch Rachel deal with the news, but she's strong and will be okay.

Pearson and ...

Jessica couldn't disclose any information about what happened with Daniel and the firm, but that didn't mean that his guilt wouldn't come out. Given the success the firm had with their London partners, Jessica provided financial statements to be reviewed for a proposed merger.

During that financial review, Daniel's embezzlement was uncovered. It was just the leverage Jessica needed to finally get rid of her former partner. If he ever bothered her again, she would have ammunition to take care of him.

But ... will Jessica decide to go ahead with the merger? Harvey is strongly against it. We didn't see that fight, but it is certainly going to come in the Suits season 2 finale next week.

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