'Suits' Recap: Daniel Hardman Attacks
'Suits' Recap: Daniel Hardman Attacks
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Suits, Daniel Hardman's back and holding nothing back. He wants to make Jessica pay for every wrong that he believes that she has committed. She took the firm away from him not once, but twice. And, he isn't willing to take any responsibility for his part in that. "He's Back" was his first stab and he's just getting started.

Fulsome Foods, What?

It all started with the Fulsome Foods case, but that was just a ruse. Remember, Monica? Mike tried to use her to get Daniel out with a Wrongful Termination case. She's back too and this time, she has Daniel on her side to take down Jessica.

Confidentiality Required

The only reason Daniel could sue Jessica on Monica's behalf was because of the confidentiality agreement. The firm couldn't testify that Monica was fired because of her inappropriate relationship with Daniel.

Mike found a way to get the truth out by asking Monica about her relationship with Daniel. It looked like it was going to work, until Daniel turned the situation around into a sexual harassment case.

Poor Louis to Angry Louis

Did Louis act inappropriate with Monica? He was friendly with her, but was he harassing her? It seems unlikely. And, Monica never reported it to anyone. It didn't matter though, since her testimony would shift the focus away from Daniel and to Louis.

Louis wasn't going to sit by and let Daniel screw with him again. What an intense confrontation between Louis and Daniel. Would Louis actually kill Daniel? I doubt it, but the threat was real. Louis would make him pay.

Monica Settles For Other Women

Mike admitted to Monica that Jessica was behind his original approach and that he didn't know that. He convinced her make a deal, because it was not only about her. Daniel took the case to hurt the women that were suing Folsom Foods.

If Pearson Hardman was forced out of business, those women would get no justice. Mike also explained to her that she wasn't fired because of her gender, but because Jessica could no longer trust her.
Robert Zane - Idiot? Or, Brilliant?

Jessica approached Robert twice about his relationship with Daniel. Both times, Robert stood by his relationship with Daniel even when he knew some of what Daniel had done. It's a little odd that Rachel never told her dad about the happenings at the firm.

But, Robert seemed to be clueless. After setting the case with Monica, Jessica offered to merge with Robert, but he was no longer interested. He believes that he can put her firm out of business. Why spend the money to merge, when he can get the clients for free after she fails. Ouch.

How will Jessica with her depleted staff handle seven cases in seven jurisdictions? It's war now and Jessica, Harvey, and Louis will not go quietly.

Will Daniel end up hurting Robert? Probably. If nothing else, he won't end up helping Robert's firm.

Odds and Ends

  • Donna slapping Daniel ... twice! Awesome. He deserved it. He almost ruined her career and had absolutely no remorse for what he did.
  • Rachel applied to Harvard! Will she get in? What would happen to her relationship with the firm and Mike? It's a happy development, but also a bit sad if she has to go.
  • Louis' offer to help Harvey was touching. Those two are going to have to put the past behind them and work together to save the firm.
  • Harvey and Jessica's relationship is intriguing. They continue to go behind each other's back to try and get things done. If Harvey wants his name on the wall, they have to start trusting each other and being honest.
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